Vegetable garden

2018 Garden Update II

The last time I posted about our garden was in June, so I’m due to give an update! Here’s what the garden looked like about two months ago.

Vegetable garden with fence and weed block

And here’s a look at it now.

Overgrown vegetable garden

As Jimmy and I suspected might happen, things got pretty busy for us this summer with our pregnancy and the garden definitely fell to the wayside. We’re totally okay with that and are still glad we planted this year!

We had quite a few deer and rabbits eat our crops, and we never found the time to put up fencing to keep them out. The deer and rabbits found our veggies so delicious that we never harvested a single green bean. Sad! The swiss chard suffered a lot as well, but thankfully the onions and peppers were untouched.

Mini bell peppers and onions from vegetable garden

The Zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes have been munched on quite a bit, but we’ve been able to harvest some! We’ve enjoyed roasted zucchini, cucumbers dipped in hummus, and tomatoes on top of salads.

We will likely keep harvesting vegetables in the next few weeks, but don’t expect to get much. Something is better than nothing, though 🙂

Cherry tomatoes and mini red pepper from vegetable garden on white windowsill Large zucchini from vegetable garden

So, that’s where we’re at with the garden! We kind of slacked off this year, but for good reason! We’re enjoying whatever veggies crop up and still loving it 🙂

Did you plant a garden this summer? How is it doing?

2018 Garden Update I

I have our first official garden update of the season! We planted on May 28th and I took some pictures on June 18th, exactly three weeks later.

Here’s what the garden looked like on the day we planted.

Vegetable garden with steel and wood fence and landscaping fabric

And here’s what it looks like three weeks later!

Just from looking at these pictures, I think the tomatoes (the plants closest to the bottom of the picture) have seen the most growth. The cucumber and zucchini plants are also taking off as well. They’re at the top of the picture, in the back of the garden.

We haven’t harvested anything yet, but are probably getting close to having a cucumber or zucchini will pop up seemingly overnight, as they tend to do!

Zucchini blossom in vegetable garden

As you can see above, the zucchini is starting to grow! The “stem” of the flower in the photo is actually the zucchini. All of the buds on the plant (the little oval green things near the blossom) will turn into flowers and grow into zucchini as well!

We also have some cherry tomatoes coming in and they are so fragrant. I love walking up to the garden and just sniffing the tomatoes. I’m sure our neighbors think I’m a little weird 😉

Cherry tomatoes on vine that are unripe and ripening in vegetable gardenSwiss chard growing in vegetable garden

The above photo is the swiss chard. It’s still a little small, and if I pick it, I’d consider it baby swiss chard. Baby swiss chard is sweeter and a lot less bitter than full-grown chard, so I just might have to harvest some this week!

We also have some mini peppers coming in. They’re the multicolored variety, so we’re just waiting for them to turn from green to either orange, red, purple, or yellow.

Mini bell pepper ripening in vegetable garden

Other notes

I think that’s everything for the first garden update of the season. We are so excited to start harvesting some vegetables soon!