Gender Reveal

Pregnancy Diary May 21st: Sadie Has a Brother!

May 21st, 2022

You read the title of this post right: Sadie is getting a baby brother! Jimmy and I have a son. It still feels so foreign to say and write that. A boy! 

Baby boy 15 week ultrasound

We are feeling very blessed to have a healthy pregnancy so far. We’re also excited to experience having a son! A son and a daughter. So wild to think about because 95% of the time I still feel like a child myself 😂 (more…)

A Special Party, Baking, and Gardening

Hi! I feel like every time I post here I’m like there’s so much fun stuff going on! But it’s true lately. Some stuff has been big (a gender reveal party!) and other stuff is just simple everyday moments (hanging out with our zoo, baking, reading, etc.).

So, let’s talk about the gender reveal party. My friend did a blood test to find out the gender of her baby and asked me to bake a colored cake that their dog could eat so they could find out the gender as he ate it. So fun!

Gender reveal party and cake