A Prayer Request, Pretzel Picnic, and Other Weekend Fun

Hi guys! Just checking in today to share about our weekend. First, I have to ask for some prayers. My sister is 31 weeks pregnant with her third child and found out her baby boy has intrauterine growth restriction due to an abnormality in his umbilical cord and the placenta.

Young family at birthday party for baby

Hannah had an ultrasound that showed all of this and she was told by a high-risk obstetrician that she has to deliver baby Titus at 37 weeks or sooner due to possible complications. She’s going to have weekly ultrasounds to check on Titus’ growth, and if at any point the doctors think he’s better off outside the womb than inside, Hannah has to deliver him.

She’s looking at the next several weeks with a lot of uncertainty and possible NICU time with a tiny baby. We would so appreciate your prayers for Titus to continue to grow, for God’s Will to be done, and peace for Hannah and her sweet family πŸ’œ

Our weekend

Our weekend kicked off on Friday when my mom brought Sadie to a local park to meet up with other kids from church for playtime!

Group of kids sitting on a fake log at park in Pittsburgh, PA

Sadie is related to every single child in this picture πŸ˜‚ πŸ₯°

While Sadie was at the park, I headed to my second IV iron infusion of this pregnancy. It was kind of a comical experience. I had to put gas in my car before leaving and something got messed up at the pump and I only ended up with a 1/4 of a tank of gas.

Then, on the way there I made a couple of wrong turns. Driving in Pittsburgh is not for the faint of heart! Thankfully I made it on time and got settled in for my infusion… only for the hospital’s fire alarm to go off! It was a false alarm, but I had to laugh at all the little mishaps along the way.

Girl getting IV iron infusion of Venofer while pregnant

The infusion went well and I was able to visit with Mavis and her owner a bit that night. I continually thank God for how He worked out a hard situation for good all around. Jimmy picked up Sadie from my mom and dad and I put her to bed while he saw the new Thor movie in theaters. I don’t know how he went to a movie that *started* at 9 PM. I was definitely in bed by that point!

Saturday found me feeling tired and headache-y from Friday’s infusion, so I took a nap not long after waking up and it helped a bit! I was sitting outside working on some real estate work when Sadie told me to come inside because she made us a special picnic.

Young girl with plates of pretzels

Turns out it was a pretzel picnic! I was impressed with the variety of pretzels she managed to find and thought it was so cute that she set everything up all by herself. We had just settled in for our picnic when we heard the ice cream truck driving by!

We jumped out of our seats, ran outside, and flagged down the ice cream man! The ice cream truck had Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream and Sadie was overjoyed. Like bouncing up and down, grinning from ear-to-ear happy.

Young girl with Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream from ice cream truck

We were all tired on Saturday night, so we hung out around the house. I organized one of our kitchen drawers that hold miscellaneous cords (do you have a drawer like this?!), got a bit of real estate work done, took Niva on a walk, and revamped my chocolate espresso granola recipe with a new espresso powder (It’s now live in the shop 😊)!

I also worked on a post about my experience with iron infusions. Past posts about the infusions seem to be popular here (I think people Googling them often come across my blog?!), so I wanted to gather up all the info in one place, just like I did with my H.pylori experience.

If I can help or reassure even one person, I’m glad to share my experience. I know I was a Googling machine when I went through my first infusion and H.pylori treatment, and I would have loved to find real-life stories vs. Mayo Clinic articles that kinda scared me 🀣

Jimmy and Sadie washed our car and gave it an oil change! I’m so glad he enjoys including Sader Tot in tasks like that so she can learn and spend time with her dad. I know it takes twice as long, but it’s worth it!

Father and young daughter changing the oil in car

We finished out Saturday night by putting Sadie to bed and snuggling on the couch to watch a bit of the TV show Alone.Β I didn’t last long before I called it a night, though!

We slept hard and Sadie woke up early crying, so Jimmy brought her into bed with us. It was so sweet to wake up with her in between us. It almost reminded me of her baby days when she slept between us every night to nurse.

Now it’s Sunday! We just finished up at church, I’m pet sitting Niva’s husky friend, and we are hanging out around the house before heading back into church this evening.

Tell me about your weekend!



  1. For sure praying πŸ™ for Hannah and little Titus!
    Sadie and Hedgehog is hilarious!
    The oic under that with dad is super sweet!
    Love πŸ’• You!

  2. Praying for your sister!! That’s SO scary. 😦 God is holding her and her precious baby!
    Loved the update!!!
    I have been busy packing this weekend, as we have a little family vacation coming up. It’s a lot of work, but it will be So worth it to go away. I just can’t wait. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much, Nicole!! Amen, God is holding them in His capable and loving hands!

      Ahh, yay for a vacation! You guys deserve a nice getaway! I hope you survive the packing and have the BEST time!

  3. Praying for Hannah, I’m sorry she has to go through this trial. ❀️

    I used to get so excited for similar ice cream from the ice cream man (it was the SpongeBob one for me back in my day.)

    I love the show Alone. I only watch it sporadically with Duncan though.

    1. Thank you so, so much Brittany!!

      I totally remember the SpongeBob ice cream from the ice cream man!! That stuff was the best, haha.

      I think it’s so cool you and Duncan watch Alone together! I am always so amazed by the survivalists and also always sure that I could never do that hahaha.

  4. Ohh I hope everything goes well for Hannah and her baby, that must be such a worry for you and your family right now. I’ll be thinking of you all!

    I love your positive attitude towards taking little mishaps in your stride. It’s been a week of mishaps here… my mum fell and broke her wrist badly last week (that was the big mishap!) so I’m currently looking after her and keeping up with my job, studies and all the housework.

    Since then, we had mishaps with a new refrigerator being delivered and not fitting in the door (that happened twice with different companies), then the wrong groceries being sent to us, and lots of little things going wrong. πŸ˜… But I was at the hospital with my mum this morning for her follow-up X-rays and they showed that the bone is healing well, thankfully! Looking forward to a calmer few days ahead, hopefully.

    1. Thank you so much, Grace!! It is definitely at the top of our minds since we found out!

      I don’t know if my attitude would have been as positive if I went through all you went through… WHEW! It sounds like you have a very full plate with normal everyday life, then to add on top of your mom getting hurt (so happy to hear she is healing, though!) and the refrigerator issue… eek! That’s a lot! I hope you have some nice, calm, relaxing days ahead of you ❀

      1. Thank you, it’s definitely been quite a week! But we’re having lovely, sunny weather here in the UK right now so I’m grateful to be able to work remotely and sit outside in the garden with my laptop. Lots of ice cream and cold drinks, I’m really enjoying fruit-infused sparkling water at the moment.

      2. Yay for sunny weather, working remotely outside, ice cream, cold drinks, and delicious sparkling water! I hope your weekend is amazing πŸ™‚

  5. So you already know this, but praying for Hannah and Titus! ❀

    A pretzel picnic! Such a cute idea!

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