Friday Favorites

Hello and happy Friday! I’m extra excited for this weekend because we’re having a little baby shower for our son on Saturday 💙 What are you up to this weekend?

Okay, let’s talk about all the favorites from this week. As always, please feel free to share what’s making life good for you lately!

Girl playing with Lego Friends set

Putting together Legos with Sadie. Little Sader Tot loves her Lego Friends sets! She has a few of the small sets for ages 4+ and they’re just right for her. We assemble them together and then she takes the set and reconfigures everything and plays with the characters for quite a while. It’s so sweet watching her play and work with the pieces to make new and different things!

Open windows. Since the humidity has been low in Pittsburgh lately, we’ve been keeping our bedroom windows opened at night and the cool air, crickets chirping, and slight breeze = perfection.

A Titus update. My sister and her son have made it (well, just about!!) to term! She is going to be induced at 37 weeks on Monday. Titus is still measuring small, so the doctors want him to make his appearance so he can grow more steadily on the outside. Thank you for praying for her family over the past couple of weeks. Please keep up the prayers for a safe delivery and happy and healthy baby and mom 💕

Toasted marshmallow candle

Candles. There’s just something about lighting a candle that instantly makes me happier and more calm. I bought the toasted marshmallow candle pictured above from a local Etsy seller. It always feels great to shop small, especially when the shopping involves amazing candles 😉

Books. Here we go again, more book talk! I recently started Created to Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl and it’s a really great book on Biblical marriage. Sadie currently loves this little chapter book that I used to read with my mom as a child. It’s a lot of fun to read books with her that were part of my childhood. Can’t wait until she’s told enough to introduce her to Little Women… and Twilight 😂

What are some of your favorites from the week?

Do you have anything fun going on this weekend?



  1. Some of my favorite times Are those I get to spend with my precious grandchildren!
    Thank you for praying for our little Titus boy…we all are so excited to meet him.
    Also- so excited for the sprinkle for your baby boyyy 💙💙💙 He will be here before we know it- cuddling with YaYa (and everyone else of course) Our a Christmas pic this year is going to be so AMAZING.

  2. Aww I hope you had a lovely time at the baby shower. And how exciting that Titus is arriving today! I hope everything goes well and Hannah has an easy delivery.

    I had a perfect weekend spending time with my boyfriend. I went to watch him run a half-marathon and cheer him on 🙂

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