Grocery Shopping, Looking Mean, and a Hula Hooping Cat

First of all, the comments on yesterday’s post are so much fun! If you didn’t read or comment, check it out because I want to hear your unpopular opinions 😬

Sadie and I went to Whole Foods together for the first time! Have your ever heard its nickname? Whole Paycheck. Amazon recently partnered with Whole Foods to offer Prime members discounts on certain items, and Jimmy encouraged me to check it out and see how the prices compared to stores like Walmart, Aldi, Target, our regular grocery store, etc.

Young girl holding grocery list in cart at Whole Foods

Of course, my trusty sidekick helped me out! She really urged me to get Chinese eggplant, so I obviously had to 😉 Also, I’m super happy to report that I didn’t get food poisoning from it like I did the last time I ate eggplant!

My thoughts? It was a nice experience! The store wasn’t crazy busy and it was clean and neat. Buying produce, store-brand dry goods, and bulk foods is the way to go. I found things like non-organic produce to be the same price per pound as where I usually shop.

Would I recommend buying kid’s toys, deodorant, and lobster there? Probably not! Unless there was a really good sale, lol.

Our whole family (pets included!) was sitting on the couch on Sunday afternoon and Jimmy took a selfie just as I looked up from the book I was reading.

Family selfie with pets on couch

He sent it to me and I was like “Do I actually look like that?! I look so mean!!” 😂 Also, I thought it was interesting who sat by who! Niva seems to favor Jimmy and Malcolm tends to favor me. Sadie was playing Pokemon on Jimmy’s lap. #Nostalgia

Okay, one more random picture before I finish this post. I think my mom and dad send the best and most random pictures to our family group text.

Cat sitting in a hula hoop

First of all, I think it’s pretty cool that my mom and dad have basically transformed their sun porch into a play room for their grandkids. And the fact that their cat “plays” with the toys? Icing on the cake!

Also, if you remember when Lily first made her adorable kitten appearance on the blog, you have been reading my blog since 2011!

Aaaand that’s about all I have for today! I’m currently celebrating the fact that I went to the dentist today and was in the no cavity club 🤓

Have you ever shopped at Whole Foods?

Do you like going to the dentist?

What was the funniest or most random picture you last received?



  1. I have never shopped at Whole Foods- I feel as if I’ve heard they’re quite expensive, but I would be willing to check it out.
    I DO NOT like going to the dentist- at all. I had soooo many dental issues as a child, and still as an adult- but I know the importance of dental care so I continue to go every 6 months (or so) to be tortured (mainly with fear)
    I def take a lot of rando pics 😂

  2. There’s a Whole Foods about 45 minutes away from us, so we don’t go often. It’s kind of a once-a-year-, just-for-fun trip. HA! Ours is rediculously expensive, so we usually buy cheesesticks and a small chocolate as a treat. LOL!!!
    Have you ever been to a Trader Joe’s? There’s one next to the Whole Foods, and – while it’s super small – I find that it has more affordable options. But again, it’s a super “exciting” once-a-year trip. Now I kind of want to go, since I haven’t gone yet this year… Ha, ha, ha!
    I do NOT like going to the dentist, but I do force myself to go.
    The last funny pic I received was a distorted pic of Nate’s face (because of a filter that had been applied). Brady had gotten ahold of the phone, took the pic, and then sent it to me. But I thought Nate sent it to me, and I thought, “How random.” Ha, ha, ha!!

  3. Love 💗 the pic of the whole family! Jimmy doesn’t look mean just looks like he was concentrating on getting a good photo!
    Love 💕 you

  4. We have two Whole Foods here and one is across from Sprouts and the other is across from Trader Joe’s (both of which are far more affordable than WF) so it’s rare that I go in there. But every now and then I’ll swing by for something and it’s always a good (but pricy) experience!

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