Window Deer, Wisdom, and Simple Things

I’ve previously mentioned the many deer that frequent my parent’s yard. It seems like a daily occurrence for my mom and dad to find deer making themselves at home among my mom’s hosta plants and even eating from the bird feeder!

The picture below is the latest one they sent and I told them maybe they should just let the deer into their fenced yard… as pets πŸ˜‰

Deer looking through house window

Did you ever have any unique pets as a child? We had a lot of the typical ones: dogs, cats, hamsters (mine had babies and it was the coolest thing ever), parakeets, a frog, turtle, and fish. I once tried to bring mice home as a teenager and my mom made me return them to the pet store πŸ˜‚

Okay, moving on from pets to some Biblical wisdom! I’m always reading Jesus Calling, which is a short daily devotional. I think I’ve gone through it almost every year since I started this blog?! It’s just the right length to pick up each morning and read in conjunction with other Bible studies I’m working through.

I came across the entry for July 22nd and thought it was worthy of a picture, so I’m sharing it here in case it’s just what someone else needed to read 😊

Jesus Calling July 22nd

We’ve been enjoying all the simple things in life over here at the Zottola Zoo. Tell me I’m not the only one who gets giddy over school supplies?!

I needed to restock a few things for Sadie and I was in heaven in the back to school area of Walmart.

School supplies Twistables by Crayola

What’s your favorite type of school or art supply? I love a good set of markers but I’m also kinda obsessed with planners (remember when our cat puked on mine πŸ₯΄). Sadie and I have been really into painting together lately, too. We’ve painted rocks, magnets, wood, paper, stepping stones, and any other paintable surface the past few weeks!

I printed out Sonic the Hedgehog coloring sheets the other day and Sader Tot thought it was the best. thing. ever.

Girl coloring Sonic the Hedgehog coloring sheets

The Sonic obsession is still going strong, so we are having a Sonic birthday party for Sadie girl in September. She loves pink and princesses but can also name more dinosaurs than me and loves a 90s video game that Jimmy and I used to play. She’s pretty cool 😎

Other simple things we’re enjoying:

  • Sitting down for dinner as a family each night
  • Being outside as much as possible
  • Reading a book before bed (me)
  • Playing Nintendo games (Jimmy)
  • Painting my nails (me)
  • Giving Niva a treat each day (Sadie)

What simple things have you been enjoying lately?



  1. THOSE DEER! So curious, and so cute. What a funny sight to see out the window. I love the simple things, they really make life feel so sweet. I have been enjoying the simplicity of cuddles with my cat. The amount of joy I get for such minimal effort is so wonderful.

    1. My thoughts exactly! Their ears sticking out… the white spots. Ahhh, they’re perfect. Agreed with the simple things in life. They’re the BEST! Your cat is so cute, too! Black cat ladies unite!

  2. I forgot all about the Jesus Calling devotional book, it’s the best! Will always remind me of Jodi since she first told me about it.
    Love πŸ’• you!

  3. I love animal encounters like that haha! We just had the one cat growing up, but my parents had some strange critters show up when they moved South. Things like possums and snakes πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… possums are at least cute haha

      1. She was such a fesity, sassy girl but she loved being petted and cuddled with when she felt like it πŸ˜‚ lived until the ripe age of 17 β™₯

      2. It sounds like she was a legend! We had a calico like that. I was totally afraid of her but sometimes she let my brother pet and hold her hahah. She lived to be somewhere around 16 or 17 like your cat and I was so happy she had a long life! Cats are awesome!!

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