Marshmallows and Escalators

Jimmy had a church meeting one night this week, so Sadie and I decided to make it a girls’ night. It was rainy, so I had an idea. I hadn’t taken her to a mall in ages, and I wanted to see if she would like Claire’s, which is an accessory, jewelry, and toy store for young girls.

Little girl in Claire's store with cat ears headband


The law of the LORD is perfect, 
   refreshing the soul. 
The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, 
   making wise the simple.

Psalm 19:7

Simplicity. What does it mean?

(^That is how I look in math… like uhhh????)

*The quality or condition of being easy to understand or do

*The quality or condition of being plain or natural

I love simple things. 

Walking my pitbull/black lab, Lola<3

A beautiful spring tree.

Simple soup

Simply delicious 😉

My boy and his brother bonding over technology.

Sometimes in life simplicity is the best thing.

Reading a simple scripture and reflecting on it and fully understanding it and using it in my life is a simple act I love. Drinking a cup of plain coffee is so simple and never fails to make me happy. Learning in class and truly understanding the concept can be rewarding. Simply hanging out with friends and family is so refreshing.

Sometimes I find myself sitting at my kitchen table, eating lunch, checking my email, and reading texts on my phone.

That is not simple. I should do each thing separately and enjoy the simple and delicious meal I am blessed to eat. Then read the email and answer the text messages.

I am guilty of trying to do everything at once, yet never giving anything my full attention.

I want to change that and simplify my life more and more 🙂

What simple thing did you enjoy today?

P.S. Happy Earth Day :]