Cute Breakfast, What I Dropped, and a Party

First of all, thank you for all of the prayers for my sister and baby Titus! It means so much to us 💜

I have to show you a picture of the breakfast my dad made for my mom the other day. I guess he prepped my mom’s breakfast and decided to get creative!

Funny breakfast face with eggs, English muffin, and strawberries

Fun fact: when my dad served in the Navy, he was trained as a cook. He rarely cooks nowadays (maybe he got burned out from cooking for hundreds of men on a submarine 😆), but when he does it’s always amazing. He’s especially good at grilling!

Sadie and I went to Target earlier this week to pick up a birthday gift for my sister-in-law and grabbed a few groceries. Ever since Sadie asked for meatballs, I’ve been trying to keep sauce, pasta, and meatballs on hand.

We got home and guess what I dropped. Not a soft bag of spinach. Not a plastic container of peanut butter. Not a sturdy piece of fruit. No, I dropped a glass jar of pasta sauce. It splattered all over my white shoes, too. So, no meatballs for dinner and for some reason Sadie was just itching to try and step in it?!

Broken glass jar of pasta sauce

There were some silver linings, though. It didn’t happen in the kitchen, so I left it in the garage and Jimmy cleaned it later on (thanks, Jimmy!), Sadie listened to me and didn’t step in it, the sauce stains came out of my shoes once I threw them in the washer, Niva wasn’t in the garage to lick it up and cut her tongue on glass, and honestly… it was just pasta sauce. I’ll grab another jar next time I go to the store 🤷‍♀️

The Target trip was successful, though! I’ve taken Sadie out with me to run errands since she was a newborn, so she knows the drill and is typically well-behaved in stores. We grabbed my sister-in-law a candle, coffee drink, leather bracelet, and a Starbucks gift card. Sadie asked me to take her picture outside of Target and it came out adorably!

Young girl standing outside of Target in archway

We headed to my mother-in-law’s house that night to celebrate Jimmy’s sister and had such a great time! Jimmy’s siblings are so sweet with Sadie and are wrapped around her finger. It’s adorable ❤️

Guy playing Barbies with child

Uncle Nick casually playing Barbies with Sadie 😂

Okay, I’m signing off for the day! Poor Sadie girl was sick yesterday (I will spare you the details, lol) and is a little under the weather today. I’m praying Jimmy and I don’t catch it because I have a wedding cake and cupcakes to bake and he’s the DJ at the wedding on Saturday. Off I go to sanitize every surface in our house 😉

Are you close with your extended family?

What’s the last thing you dropped and broke?



  1. Yep Sadie has everyone wrapped around her finger! How can you not be, she is so enthusiastic and loving!
    My breakfast creation did look pretty good huh.
    Love 💕 you

  2. I’ve dropped tons of things before, even more fragile than pasta sauce, but they never broke? And then I dropped a bottle of something (I forgot what it had) that I thought was pretty sturdy and shattered into a million little pieces? Lol, life!

  3. Ah! We just cleaned up a broken glass jar this week too. So many tiny shards! Glad the sauce didn’t end up staining anything and that no one was injured!

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