baby shower

Cupcakes, Dogs, and Kicking Myself

It’s Saturday morning as I type up this post and I’m currently listening to Christmas music and eating chocolate pancakes. It feels like a good time to blog 😬

The cupcakes that I mentioned in this post went well! My friend’s baby shower was woodland-themed, so I took that and ran with it for the cupcakes.

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and woodland decorations made out of fondant

I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and topped most of them with vanilla buttercream and made a bunch of woodland decorations from fondant.


A Sweet Baby Boy Sprinkle

Family and friends gathered at our church on Saturday to celebrate my sister and her soon-to-be-born baby boy with a little sprinkle!

Baby shower decorations for boy

My mom, Hannah’s sister-in-law, and I had such a great time planning this special day. When we found out Hannah was having a boy as her second child, we knew there were a few things she would need since her first child is a girl.

Everyone who was invited was more than excited to gift Hannah all the boy things! From swaddle blankets to sleepers and everything in between, I think she is set and I could not be more happy for her.

Things I don’t want to forget about the big day:

  • Watching Hannah open all the adorable boy clothes and gifts
  • Baking sugar cookies and frosting them with blue buttercream
  • Decorating with my mom and Hannah’s in-law’s before the party
  • Cleaning up afterwards and feeling so happy that my sister was able to have a special day
  • Spending time with friends and family

Baby shower food for boy

Mom to be opening gifts at baby shower for boy

Baby shower cheesecake for boy

Opening baby shower gifts for boy

Baby shower cookies for boy

Opening gifts at baby shower for boy

Ah, what a happy day! I mentioned in my last post that I filmed a little vlog for the big day, which is here.

It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the impending arrival of Hannah’s baby girl, Caroline! It has been such a joy to watch my sister and her husband become amazing parents to their daughter, and I have no doubt they will do just as well with their son, Lawson ❤