Currently: August 2018

Somehow we are in the double digits of August! I feel like this month is just flying by. I keep seeing fall decorations in stores and it’s making me realize a new season is just around the corner. Here’s what’s currently going on in my life this month.

Current book Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth. Just started this yesterday, but it seems great so far. I think I have a fascination with books about the Amish way of life because I always find myself picking them up!

Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth book

Current song Counting Every Blessing by Rend Collective. Love jammin’ out to this one.

Current beauty product This body wash and shampoo combo. It smells like a Creamsicle!

Current blessing Jimmy. He’s just all around amazing, supportive, helpful, and loving. I am so blessed to call him my husband.

Black and white picture of smiling couple

Current confession I don’t know if it’s being in my third trimester, the heat of summer, or a combo of both, but I officially have cankles. Does anyone have any remedies?!

Current baked good Malted milk chocolate chip cookies. I am on the quest to make the perfect one. I tried a recipe in May, but wasn’t impressed with it. I just made a batch last night using milk chocolate chips and semisweet chocolate chips and they’re much better!

Current drink Coffee, as always! Jimmy and I have been enjoying our Angel’s Cup subscription that I gifted him for Father’s Day, along with Starbucks and Sheetz lattes and frappes as a treat here and there. Jimmy likes anything caramel, and I’m a vanilla gal through and through.

Angel's Cup coffee subscription in Catfinated coffee mug and Starbucks coffee mug

Current fun Scrapbooking. I’ve really been enjoying it lately. Still using the Project Life kits/method, which makes it super easy and relaxed.

Current fact As of August 12th, Mavis has been a part of our family for a year! It feels like just yesterday we brought her home and officially made the Zottola house a complete zoo 😉

Current obsession These pens. I have been a Pilot G2 fan for a few years now, but these are quickly becoming a favorite writing utensil of mine.

Paper Mate InkJoy Pens

Current excitement Welcoming our daughter next month, Lord Willing. It’s surreal to think about! We’re praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby and mama.

Current procrastination Blogging. I haven’t been very great at keeping up lately! I am hoping to post more this week. This space is my favorite!

Current food Black bean soup. I just made a big pot on Saturday and actually took a few photos. Would anyone be interested in the recipe? It’s one of my absolute favorite soups!

Black bean soup with cilantro

Current goal Cleaning and organizing our house. I’m pretty sure this is my goal each month, lol.

Current need I’d love a day spent with my sister. We’re both so busy, but I just love when we get an uninterrupted day to hang out and have fun together.

Current app I’ve been loving using Ibotta for a few months now. Definitely check it out if you’re into saving money!

Tell me something current in your life!



  1. I eat a lot of chocolate chip cookies, but I can’t say I’ve heard of malted milk chocolate chip cookies. I’d try them though.

    I love the Ibotta app for saving these days. I just bought some Enlightened ice cream and used a “coupon” on it. It’s easier than clipping and the money is credited right away (plus if you do clip coupons, you can use that with it for double savings).

    I see your belly in the pic with the Amish book!

    1. I hope you get a chance to try malted milk chocolate chip cookies sometime! If not, I just may have to ship you some from Pittsburgh…. when it cools off outside for you so they don’t melt lol!

      Man, I wish I had started using Ibotta sooner. It’s amazing how fast .25 cents adds up here and there. You’re so right with the coupon clipping and money being added right away. It’s just a win-win situation!

      The bump was totally in full force in the picture with the Amish book, haha! Good eye 😉

  2. Black bean soup is one of my favorites. I would love the recipe!!

    The book sounds interesting so I’ll have to check it out! Fingers crossed for a safe delivery with a healthy baby and mom!

  3. NEXT MONTH!!! Ah, I am so excited for you guys!!

    I just got the One Line a Day journal a few weeks ago and I am loving it! What are you thinking of it so far?

    I’d love the black bean soup recipe!

    Tell me more about these pens! I am a loyal Pilot G2 user. Though I prefer the 1.0mm ones instead of the standard .07mm ones. Tell me what you like about the InkJoy ones.

    1. I seriously can’t believe how close we’re getting to baby girl’s arrival!

      I have been using the One Line a Day journal since December 2015 and I loooove it!! I’ve given it as a gift to a few people because it’s just so much fun!

      Okay, so I think you’d love the Ink Joy pens if you like the 1.0mm Pilot G2!! They’re so “juicy” and write really smooth!

  4. I can’t believe you’re already due next month! It’s seems like time has flown by! How exciting for you guys. ❤ Praying for a healthy delivery!

    Also, that black bean soup looks amazing! I've never had it before, but I'd love the recipe!

  5. I always love your “Currently” posts. You do the best job writing them and including such interesting information!! 🙂
    *I actually have read quite a few books on the Amish too, now that you say that! I read a really good one a few years ago about a woman who left the Amish community (it was a true story), but I don’t remember the title off-hand.
    *Oh cankles… I don’t have any remedies except to share my sympathy and understanding, because I had them too. (I will say that they go away really fast, and you’ll leave the hospital without them). I know that elevating your feet when you can and soaking them in cool water can help. I remember the first time I had them during my pregnancy with Brady… I lifted a foot into the air, and I told Nate, “Look at my ankles.” And Nate looked at my ankles in horror and said, “Oh my…” LOL!!! Nothing like scaring your husband with your large ankles. Ha, ha. Oh the things that we women go through! Totally worth it though!!! 🙂
    *The Angels Cup Subscription sounds SO amazing!!! I’m tempted to do something like this for Nate sometime… It sounds like you’re enjoying it now that you’ve purchased it. But do you recommend it? Thoughts on pro’s and any cons? I didn’t know something like this existed, but it sounds fun!
    *And, Girl, I have been the SAME way. Blogging took a bit of a back burner here as well. I can’t wait to see pics of your precious baby (if you decide to post pics) soon. Praying for a safe delivery for mommy and baby!! Much love. xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Nicole! That really means a lot to me. I have a ton of fun putting these types of posts together!

      I wish I knew which book you read! It sounds fascinating! I love me a good book on the Amish life!

      Thank you for the cankle understanding, haha! I’m glad to hear that they DO end! And you’re right, they’re 100% WORTH IT!!

      We really love the Angel’s Cup subscription and would recommend it! I think I found a coupon online, so it was close to $20 for a box of coffee samples to be sent to our door for three months! The coffees were a ton of fun to try and they tasted great! I’d definitelt recommend it as a fun gift for Nate! Plus, you’ll get some coffee out of it, too 😉

      Thank you so, so much for your prayers for a safe delivery! That means the world to Jimmy and I! ❤

      1. I’m definitely going to check out Angel’s Cup!! And I definitely have – and will continue to – pray. 🙂 Before you know it, you’ll be snuggling your little one. Awww, so exciting!!!

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