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Currently: July 2022

Excuse me, summertime, can you please slow down? Why does winter get to feel like it lasts sixteen years but summer seems to fly by every year?! Whether I like it or not, it’s already July. Here’s what’s current in my life this month.

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Two Puppies, A Dog, and A Sick Toddler

The title of this post pretty much sums up my Sunday. Totally random, but kind of to be expected for me 😂

I’m a pet sitter on Rover and I received a last-minute booking on Saturday night for the next day. I let the owner know I would be available to have the puppy stay at my house between church services if that worked (it did!).

At 11:30 pm on Saturday, Sadie woke up crying and asking for medicine. She came down with a cold and was sneezing and crying and pitiful. We spent the night going from bed to bed to couch with her trying to get her comfortable. Let’s just say nobody got more than a couple of hours of sleep 😉

Sick toddler