The Sniffles, Fireworks, and Archery

Sadie and Jimmy went to the Fourth of July parade on Monday and had such a nice time! I stayed home and blew through a box or two of tissues. The cold that Sadie passed on to me is kicking my butt 😆

Girls sitting on red Farmall Tractor for Fourth of July parade

Thankfully it’s just a case of the summer sniffles and nothing serious. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into a sinus infection, since I always seem to get them when I catch a cold 🙈

I think all the fun combined with the heat wore Sadie girl out. When she and Jimmy arrived home in the afternoon, Sadie promptly laid on the couch and slept for an hour or two!

Girl in pink dress napping on couch with arms over head

Once everyone was rested, we spent the afternoon relaxing together! Forts were built, archery was practiced, Easy Bake Oven cookies were baked, dinner was eaten outside, and Niva was walked. It was perfect!

Like my outfit for shooting my recurve bow? Doesn’t everyone wear a dress to practice archery?! 😂

Girl in white dress shooting recurve bow

After we all bathed and got Sadie in her pajamas, it was time for a bonfire and some fireworks! Jimmy had bought a few to light off, our neighbor gave us some that she wasn’t going to use, and then we planned to watch our town’s fireworks show from our backyard.

Sadie’s excitement for fireworks was through the roof! Jimmy would light a firework and Sadie had us all stand by him while she counted, then we would run to our seats to watch it once it was lit.

Siberian husky watching fireworks

Niva joined in on the little fireworks routine of lighting them and running to watch and was so interested in the process. It was cute to see her watch them. She liked them *almost* as much as Sadie!

We stayed up past 10 pm (so, like two hours past my bedtime 😜) to watch our town’s fireworks show and Sadie was so confused as to who was lighting off the fireworks and from where. I love how curious she is! I also love when Jimmy is around to help me explain things to her 😉

It’s now Tuesday as I type up this post and the late bedtime + gloomy weather today + sniffles that woke me up at 4:30 am = a hot coffee kind of day!

Starbucks coffee to-go cup

The bonus of waking up way too early was that I was able to spend extra time reading my Bible, got to see Jimmy off to work, and started working on Etsy orders that I needed to ship out.

My shop is still in granola mode, so today was all about the banana bread and chocolate peanut butter flavors!

Chocolate peanut butter granola

Chocolate peanut butter granola in the making!

Banana bread granola

What do you do when you wake up too early?

Which flavor of granola would you choose: banana bread or chocolate peanut butter?



  1. When I wake up early I start the day by reading my Bible and praying 🙏.
    It looks like you guys had fun family day!
    Love 💕 you

  2. I always feed my dogs and have coffee first… then do my bible reading, and head to the gym around 6am. That’s my M-F routine 🙂
    I would have to pick the Chocolate peanut butter granola, although I wouldn’t mind trying chocolate banana bread? Just a random thought
    Niva cracks me up with fireworks. Poor little Brandy was a wreck. Reg could care less.
    So funny that Sadie loves them so much! That’s amazing for her age (considering I had to hold you and cover your ears till you were prob 6 – but I didn’t mind!)

    1. That is quite a busy first thing in the morning! Half the time, I’m just drinking coffee by 6am haha!

      Chocolate banana bread is SUCH a good idea! I think I need to try it out and you could be a taste tester 🙂

  3. What a fun fourth! Bummer you didn’t get to go to the parade, but it likely wouldn’t have been as fun if you didn’t feel good. I had Covid two weeks ago (second time), and it hit RIGHT when we had our first heat wave. It was brutal. Heat and sickness do not mesh.

    My sleep hasn’t been the best over the last year, so I often wake up before 4am. I will usually do some work on my computer, and patiently wait until a more acceptable time to consume coffee. 🤪

    1. So sorry you had COVID (let alone a second time 😩) sickness and heat are such an awful combo. I hope you’re feeling better no!

      Lol about patiently waiting until an acceptable time to consume coffee!! This pregnancy has had me wake up at 3:30 am quite a few times and I’m always like so….. should I drink coffee? Is this weird?! 😂

      1. When I worked at Starbucks and I’d have the 4am shift, I’d get up early to have coffee before work. Like an absolute psycho. I could never do that now. 😂

      2. Hahaha, what a BOSS! I love how dedicated you were to coffee! I seriously loved reading your pairings of coffee + baked goods. Those made my day every time!

  4. I’m so glad the pets and Sadie are all okay with fireworks. Personally I can’t stand them. They are – in my mind – such a waste of money and they’re too loud!! Hope you’re feeling better!

    1. I was so surprised she enjoyed fireworks! She’s a pretty sensitive kid, so to see her love loud, booming, and bright fireworks was a pleasant surprise haha!

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