Currently: July 2019

Hi! It’s July! Here’s what’s currently going on in my life.

Current book Point of View by Elizabeth Hasselbeck and The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Enjoying them both a lot!

Current fun Spending time with family. I went over my parents’ house for the day last week and it was great to just hang out and enjoy their company. Over the weekend, Jimmy’s siblings, their significant others, and my mother-in-law came over for a cookout. Jimmy’s sister brought a ball pit and we all had just as much fun as Sadie did with that!

Baby ball pit

Currently feeling Busy and blessed. I mentioned in my last currently post that I was exploring a new career opportunity. Well, I decided to go for it! It requires some schooling, so I’ve been hitting the books. This is left little time for blogging, but I’m doing my best to manage it all :). Along with feeling busy, I’m feeling so incredibly blessed. With the career opportunity, this joyful season, and so much more.

Current laugh Sadie has been waking up crying in the night (#teethinglife) and I’m just so tired that I climb into her crib with her until she falls back asleep.

Current blessing The moms group at our church. It’s so refreshing to get out and spend time with other moms while we study the Word of God.

Girls with babies

Current craving I really want to take Sadie to Idlewild (a local-ish children’s amusement park) this summer! I’m hoping I can convince my parents to come with us. I think it would be such a fun day 🙂

Current beauty product Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream. I’ve been a fan of this stuff for years and it works wonders on my dry, cracked heels!

Current joy Sadie! Man is she fun and silly and just so cool. By the end of the day, I am equal parts worn out and smiling from ear to ear over the fact that God made Jimmy and I her mom and dad.

Mom and baby girl selfie

Current food Salmon. My favorite part is the skin. I love when it gets nice and crispy on the grill. Jimmy thinks it’s totally gross, so I gladly eat his salmon skin for him 🙂

Current baked good Smitten Kitchen’s Brownie Rollout Cookies. The only tweak I make to them is to brown the butter.

Current baby product VTech Turn & Learn Driver for when we drive because girl hates her carseat and these soft stacking blocks because I have just as much fun with them as Sadie does 😉

Baby in carseat with VTech Turn and Learn driver toy

Current goal Working on getting Sadie to swallow solid foods. She’s been having solid food since she was six months, but it seems like she spits everything out. The main thing I’ve seen her reliably swallow is yogurt, and that is even a struggle. Maybe it’s just something she needs to get used to and keep practicing? Other parents… do you have any experience/advice in this area?!

Current excitement Shark Week starts this month!!! I think I need to watch Sharknado to get myself pumped up (as if I could be any more excited, lol!)!

What’s current in your life this month?



  1. I’m so glad you like the Elisabeth Hassleback book! I am wondering if Sadie will like fireworks 💥
    That ball pit thing looks AMAZING!
    Love youuuu!

    1. It’s great! I can’t wait to pass it on to you to read! I’m so curious about whether or not Sadie will like fireworks… or if she’ll be awake for them, lol!

      The ball pit was so much fun! Love you too!

  2. Good luck with your studying! It’ll all work out and I can’t wait to hear more if you choose to share. Currently I’m remembering some fun memories in our first apartment. We turned the keys in Sunday which was nice since there were some problems with our place but also a little bittersweet. Now I’m anticipating the actual move to the house we’re renting!

    1. Thank you Maureen! I’m sure I’ll share more soon! When I finally get a chance to put together a post about it all, lol!

      I can totally see how turning in your keys would be bittersweet with all the memories but also the problems. I can’t wait to see your new apartment!

  3. Those ball pits are great! I’m no expert at all on it but a friend of mine has a son who couldn’t swallow much for a long time and she was telling me that he hadn’t lost the reflex that prevents swallowing. And Owen didn’t lose the reflex that allows us to look up when we’re in the crawling position until later than average. It’s fascinating that there are all these reflexes we are born with and we don’t know anything about them – they just gradually disappear. Maybe Sadie still has the strong reflex that keeps her from swallowing. If that’s the case I don’t think there’s anything you can really do – just be sure to not give her stuff that is too big or too hard that could get wedged in her airway, of course. Again, I don’t know what I’m talking about on this but what you said reminded me of my friend’s experience. If you want me to learn more from her on the name of the reflex or anything so you can ask your pediatrician about it, let me know!

    Good luck with your continued studies! I’m excited to hear what you’re going into when you share.

    1. The ball pit was a ball–lol!

      Thank you so much for sharing about your friend’s son! Is it the tongue thrust reflex? Maybe that’s what Sadie is still dealing with! It really is amazing how we have all these reflexes we’re born with and then lose!

  4. When you mentioned Idlewild, I thought of Idyllwild here in California. Different places for sure haha but both are perfect places to go to in the summer I’d think 😛

  5. Oh I love Shark Week! I can’t wait to watch it, lol. I think it’s just so fascinating and I love how they come up with new programs each year.
    Congrats on pursuing your new career opportunity! That’s so exciting, and I’m really impressed since you’re already working & have Sadie!!
    I’m totally enjoying salmon lately too! Since moving to VA Beach, we’ve probably had salmon in more meals than anything else, lol. I can’t get over all the fresh seafood here!

    1. Shark Week is so much fun! I feel like I learn something new every year!

      Ugh, working/studying and having a baby is so hard!! But so worth it!

      I bet the salmon in VA Beach is so, so good!!

  6. Good for you for going for this new career opportunity! Atta girl! Way to hit the books with a baby at home. I’m so impressed!

    Also, that ball bit… SO MUCH FUN! There is a place here that is just a giant ball pit for kids and I had as much fun in it as my kiddo did. 😉

    Yes! Salmon skin! I love it when it’s all crispy like that. Christopher is the same as Jimmy about it so like you, I am always more than happy to eat his for him. 😉

    1. Ahh, thank you, Rach! It has been a challenge, but a great one!

      The ball pit place by you sounds like so much fun (for kids and adults!)!

      I’m so glad we can agree crispy salmon skin is the BEST!

  7. LOVE reading your Currentlys, Allie!

    I think it’s sooo cute you crawl into Sadie’s crib with her! I hope you guys get to go to Idleworld (& you share all about it with us!). What you wrote for “Current Joy” is so pure & beautiful! ♡

    Salmon skin is delicious, can’t believe Jimmy thinks it’s gross but hey! More for you! 😄

    1. Yay! Thank you, Hunida! I love posting them… it’s a fun way to reflect on life at the moment!

      I’m so glad you’re a salmon skin lover, too! It’s the best 🙂

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