Pregnancy Diary November 9th: To My Due Date… and Beyond!

Wednesday November 9th, 2022

My 40 week appointment went well yesterday! I saw the midwife who helped with Sadie’s delivery and it was fun to bring my little fam along and all talk 😊

Baby is doing well still and so am I! He’s head down, his heart rate is in the 120s-130s, my belly is measuring on track, and my blood pressure is great.

The midwives said I can continue on with the pregnancy and await spontaneous labor, or I can request an induction at the birth center (they’ve made this offer from 39 weeks on, actually!). That would usually involve using the breast pump and walking, doing a membrane sweep, or even breaking my water.

Jimmy and I both agreed that we are fine with waiting for labor to begin on its own as of now. I’m only one day “past due,” and it seems like baby is comfy and doing well so we don’t want to rock the boat. I’m feeling good and baby is good, so we will see what happens in the coming days!

We said we will wait and see and keep praying for wisdom and a healthy delivery. Something fun I did today was go to acupuncture again! This time the acupuncturist did a few points to support pregnancy and overall health (due to all the sickness going around!).

Acupuncture needles in legs

I was talking to Jimmy about how it doesn’t feel real that our son will be here soon. I remember feeling the same way with Sadie. Like, is there really a baby in there?! I am so excited to meet him! I am also looking forward to sleeping on my stomach again and figuring out what to do about my hernia postpartum. Definitely need to get that fixed!

So yeah, that’s where we are at 40 weeks + 1 day! Just hanging out and enjoying life 😊 Talk soon!

Thursday November 10th, 2022

Hellooo 40 weeks + 2 days! I thought it would be fun to write out pros and cons of being pregnant right now.

Pros: I am still sleeping all night (except when I get up to pee πŸ˜‚), I am not going through labor or recovering from birth, I’m not dividing my time between two kids, and I’m enjoying a cleared schedule this week!

Cons: People bothering me to see if the baby has come (if I had a dollar for every check in text I got in the past week, I would be a wealthy woman!), my hernia hurts, I know labor is coming… but I don’t know when or what to expect!

Pregnant mom and daughter in Walmart

Sadie and I went to Walmart together yesterday and I had the fun experience of someone asking when I was due, getting to reply “yesterday!” and seeing their reaction πŸ˜‚

In all honesty, I am feeling good emotionally and physically. I went to the chiropractor today and that’s all that’s on the agenda. Sadie and I are headed out to visit Jimmy at work and then we may go to Ikea tonight!

Talk again soon πŸ‘‹

Friday November 11th, 2022

Here we are 40 weeks + 3 days and still feeling great! Sadie and I had fun visiting Jimmy at work and then going to Ikea in the evening.

Mom and daughter near Christmas tree at Ikea

Not too much happening over here today. It’s a rainy day in Pittsburgh, which makes it so cozy. I took Sadie to the mall this morning and we just walked around. She loves escalators and elevators, so we went on those and I said yes to whatever stores she wanted to walk into (except the wine store, lol).

She’s so good about not asking for things, being careful with breakable items, and listening when I say it’s time to go. My shopping buddy πŸ’œΒ We are going to do homeschool this afternoon, probably clean the house a bit, and then I may get my hair cut tonight. It has been such a long time since I last went to a salon and had a trim or anything! Maybe since Sadie was a baby and I did a big chop?! I usually do it myself, so this will be a treat πŸ˜‚

Nothing to report here on baby! He’s still kicking and comfy. I don’t have any prenatal appointments until Tuesday at 41 weeks. At that point, I have a non stress test at the birth center and then a biophysical profile ultrasound. So, yeah. That’s the update for today 😊

Saturday November 12th, 2022

Good morning and welcome to 40 weeks and 4 days! Last night was kinda rough. I did go and get my hair cut, but afterwards we had an incident. Jimmy picked Sadie up by her arms and said “Mommy, tickle Sadie!” because I had perfect access to her little armpits.

Well, I tickled her and she kicked me with both feet directly in the stomach. Oof. I felt the baby flinch (ughhh, so sorry little guy 😒) and then I just felt so worried about him. Like I couldn’t stop crying and fearing that he was probably dead because he got kicked.

Not a fun feeling, right? I went to bed crying and woke up at like 2 am with a killer headache from all the crying. I took some Tylenol and went back to bed. I called the midwives today and went in at 9 am to check on baby and his heart rate was 110-120 BPM, which was reassuring. The midwife on call (who was there for Sadie’s delivery!) offered to do a full induction but we didn’t want to.

First of all, there was a craft I wanted to do today (I know… I am weird), secondly, I really would love if labor started on its own, and thirdly, we didn’t have any solid child care for Sadie today because my mom is still sick and Jimmy’s mom was going to a wedding. Obviously, if labor happens today then we will figure it out, but I’m not going out and having my water broken, you know?

Anyways, it has been a nice day. I got over my crying spell from last night and Jimmy, Sadie, and I got coffee after checking on baby. Then we went to Hobby Lobby for craft supplies. I think I’m going to make a nice dinner tonight. So yeah, that sums up today so far. Talk more tomorrow!

Starbucks cheers

Spoiler alert: I went into labor the next morning (Sunday November 13th)! Our son arrived safely and we are beyond overjoyed he’s here, healthy, and we’re all doing great!

I will check in as soon as I can with pictures and details and eventually his birth story! God has been so good to us and we’re feeling very, very thankful ❀️



  1. I was doing good reading this till the very end- and I started bawling – with your spoiler alert paragraph. I am so thankful and feel so blessed that baby boy arrived safely and is REALLY in our lives now!! He’s absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for him as he continues to grow up with such a loving Christian family.
    I am so proud of you- and I love you with all my heart.

  2. Oh I just read the last paragraph! I wasn’t expecting that after you wrote “Talk more tomorrow”. Congratulations to you and your family! I’ve been following your blog since before Sadie was born, in fact I think we were both still in college when I found your blog. It’s been lovely to read about your journey and your growing family. Hope you and baby are doing well, enjoy all the newborn baby snuggles 😊

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