Two Random Pictures + Other (Slightly) Less Random Things

Hi! Let’s start this post off with a really random picture!

Comotomo teething toy teether in orange

I sent this picture to my mom on Sunday and just noticed it in my photos and was cracking up when I really looked at it.

Jimmy and I came home from church and received an Amazon package of this teething toy (the orange thing I’m holding) that my mom had sent to us. Jimmy was bending over to unlace his shoes, Malcolm was just casually resting on his back, and Sadie was relaxing in her carseat on our side table. This is our life. Sadie loves the teether, by the way!

Aaaand here’s one more random picture from my camera roll, just for fun.

Fresh Thyme Peanut Butter

Another picture I sent to my mom! I took her to a new grocery store by our house called Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market on a Friday. I bought some of their freshly ground peanut butter and sent her a picture of the empty container on Tuesday. Peanut butter eating is my specialty 😉

Okay, onto other (slightly?) less random things. I am still plugging away at reading and editing my book so I can get. it. done. I even took Sadie on a date with me to Dunkin’ Donuts so we could work together!

In reality she was having a cranky morning, I needed coffee, and we both needed to get out of the house, so Dunkin’ it was!

Dunkin donuts coffee and book editing with Clopette baby toy

Jimmy, his brother, and I spent Saturday afternoon taking pictures of my sister-in-law and her fiancé for their save the dates!

She originally asked me to photograph them, but I don’t think I’m that proficient with my DSLR camera, so I told her I’d pose them if my my brother-in-law could take the pictures. Here are a few snaps from my phone.

Winter engagement pictures for save the datesWinter engagement pictures for save the datesWinter engagement pictures for save the dates

I think our little photoshoot was a success! My sis-in-law even asked me to be a bridesmaid, which I’m really excited about. Sadie and I are watching her try on wedding dresses this weekend, which should be a lot of fun!

Other thoughts and life updates
-I’m currently reading this book and can’t put it down.
-I’m pretty sure Sadie is going through a growth spurt, teething, and the four month sleep regression all at once. If you can read this: send coffee!
-I bought and changed the lightbulbs in our microwave! This was big for me because I’m so unsure of myself with stuff like this, haha.
-I’m still figuring out how to style my shorter hair, but here’s a (not great, lol) photo of the length. And Sadie with her teething toy, haha.

Mom and baby daughter with teething toy

Tell me something random from your life!


  1. too many random things in my life to even begin hahah.
    I love the pic of you and Sadie!!! so adorable.
    I hope you have fun this weekend dress shopping!! Let me know how that goes!!
    And the pic of the teether – I literally lol’d when I looked at it again — of Malcolm!!
    Love you beautiful mama.

    1. Haha, so true! Thanks for the compliment on our picture! I can’t wait to go dress shopping! I’ll try and send you some pictures 🙂

      Thank you for the teether! Sadie loves it!

      Love you ❤

  2. Oh my goodness, Sadie is getting SO big! She is so beautiful!! Both of my kiddos LOVED that orange, teething ring as well. I actually wish I still had it, because Kaitlyn is popping out a molar and trying to chew all the things!
    Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market is the cutest name for a grocery store!
    And that first picture is absolutely hilarious… and the perfect snapshot of real life. I’ve definitely had my share of those! I think you should frame it!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Nicole!! You’re the sweetest!

      Isn’t the teething ring awesome! Something about the way it’s shaped must be genius!

      Love your idea for framing the first picture 🙂

  3. I love that picture of your SIL and her fiance with the ring in the snow. So fun! Peanut butter is the best. I can eat it like it’s my job if someone leaves me alone too long.

    1. Aww, thank you, Maureen! That’s one of my favorites, too! THey were c-o-l-d after that shot but it was worth it for how pretty it came out!!

      So true about eating PB like it’s your job–I am the same!!

  4. Joshua is the same way with peanut butter! We bought a tub of natural peanut butter, and he basically ate the whole container himself by the spoonful, lol.
    Great job on your progress with your book, by the way! I’m super impressed that you were able to work on it in public and with a baby! I can only focus on my writing in my distraction-free home haha.

    1. Yessss, that is me too! I mostly like PB by the spoonful just like Joshua!

      Thank you so much for the compliment on my progress with the book and working on it with Sadie, haha. It means a lot coming from a published author like yourself!

      1. Aww well it’s hard work to focus on a book, so I’m super impressed! And my books were self-published, so I’m not sure that counts! And I also published those books when I was a teenager, so if I could go back and change basically everything about them, I would. That’s why I took them off the market last year, haha. I still have a lot to learn myself!

  5. Short hair!! So pretty! I hope you are getting used to it now. It’s such a drastic change at first, for sure!

    That first random photo has me laughing. I love the peek into a moment of your life. Totally candid! Glad she is enjoying the teething toy. I hope the teeth pop quickly! Have you seen the Wonder Weeks app? That was so helpful for us in knowing what was going on developmentally. Drink all the coffee – sleep regressions can be so tough. ❤

    Yay for making more progress with your book and for the engagement shoot! You did a great job with posing them! I actually love when I work with a second person who takes over posing while I just get to photograph. To me, posing is definitely where more of the work comes in. Want to move to Memphis and work with me?? 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Rach!! I am loving the shorter length! Totally a huge change, but I am much more adjusted to it now 🙂

      Candid pictures are my favorite! I’m sure you get that with all your photography sessions! I love the Wonder Weeks app! And also hate it because it’s so spot on with predicting those “stormy” days, hahah. YES to all the coffee!

      I’d love to move to Memphis and work with you!! Posing is so much fun! And I’d love to spend time with you in warm and sunny Memphis 🙂

  6. Hey Allie! I haven’t been keeping up with my blog reading recently (mostly because I got a new phone and haven’t gotten around to downloading the WordPress app yet haha). So it was lovely to catch up on how you’re doing. 🙂

    Wow, isn’t Sadie growing big? The last pic of you both is just too cute. Your hair looks great, by the way! I had a few inches trimmed last week and it’s a similar length to yours. So much easier to keep tidy than long hair!

    Mm, something random from my life? Well, I started dating in December and met a great guy! It’s early days but we’re getting on well and I’m really happy right now! 🙂

    1. Hey Grace! Thanks so much for commenting! I hope you’re enjoying your new phone and I so appreciate you taking the time to catch up with my life! How is Aimee?!

      Sadie really is growing up fast! Thanks for the compliment on my hair. Isn’t is so nice having less work to do in the hair department?!

      Yay for your update about dating! I am so happy for you!! ❤

      1. Aimee is really well, thanks. 🙂 She’s three this year (in June)… I can’t believe where the time goes. You must feel the same about Sadie. It doesn’t seem long since you posted about her birth, and now she’s chewing on teething rattles!

        My nephew is at a similar stage (he’s seven months) and he’s chewing everything he can get his hands on. He has a really cute teething toy which is a squeaky fox, but it kind of looks like a dog toy and Aimee thinks it should be hers haha.

        Yup, I love being able to wash and dry my hair in half the time. I very rarely style it though, I’m not very talented with hairstyles. As long as it’s clean and brushed, I’m happy!

        I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂

  7. The pictures of your sis in law are so sweet! I love the ring in the snow- so ingenious to capture it that way!! Your hair is sooo cute! Allie, you pull it off so well! Love it. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks, Mackenzie! It was so fun taking those pictures! I felt bad for how cold their hands were after, but the shot was worth it! Thank you for the compliment on my hair 🙂

  8. I love the picture you posed for the happy couple. And good luck finishing up your book. Will you let people read it when it’s done or keep it as a more private accomplishment? I respect either decision but do want to read it if you share. I hope Sadie starts sleeping better soon (since I’m late posting this I hope she already is through the regression or whatever she had going on!).

    1. Thank you, Amy! It was so fun posing them!

      I don’t know what I’ll do about the book! I guess I’ll see if I deem it acceptable for the public haha! I am honored you want to read it!

      Sadie has been doing a little better with sleep!! Thanks 🙂

  9. Hahaha oh my gosh. Malcolm on Jimmy’s back is hilarious, looks like he’s up there all the time. 😂 That’s amazing that you’re getting that book done, Allie! I am rooting for you!!

    The photos of your SIL & her fiance are adorable. You did such a great job directing the poses. How creative with the ring in the snow! & you get to be a bridesmaid?! So exciting!!

    Our microwave light just went out too. We thought it must be broken & unfixable… I didn’t know we could just change the bulb LOL. Thank you for the small lesson in life. 😉

    1. Ohh yes, he totally is and Jimmy totally loves every second if it, haha!

      Thanks for rooting for me, Hunida! That truly means so much!

      I am super pumped for the wedding! The ring + snow picture was fun, except not so much for them because their hands were freezing after, LOL!

      Life lessons, courtesy of me, any time! I am learning right along with ya with each and every light bulb, haha.

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