Snapshots and Thoughts

Hey hey! Dropping in today to share some photos and thoughts. How is January going for everyone? I can’t believe we’re already over halfway through the month.

Shoveling snow in January in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh got snow! Jimmy was up and shoveling early on a Sunday morning. What a stud ❤

Things that have been going on for me this month:
-Had my sixth iron infusion
-Lots of reading (finished this book and just started this one)
-Finally got my hair cut! Pictures coming soon once I figure out how to style it, haha.
-Hanging out with Sadie, Jimmy, the pets, and our families!
-Beginning to plan Hannah’s baby shower–I think I’m making cupcakes 🙂
-Ordered this for Sadie and we’re going to try to use it to get her to sleep in her crib soon if we’re brave, lol.

How about some pictures and more thoughts?!

Baby and cocker spaniel playing together

Sadie is becoming more and more interactive with the pets! She smiles so hard every time she sees Mavis. Both Mavis and Malcolm are great with her; Malcolm has nibbled her a few times, but nothing that has made her cry.

Mavis just adores Sadie and really seems to enjoy her attention. I have a few video clips I’ll have to post! As for Lola + Sadie… Lola just doesn’t care about her, haha.

Girl in Ford Raptor truck with cocker spaniel and black lab

Speaking of the pets, I managed to bring Lola, Mavis, and Sadie to and from the groomer without it being too much of a fiasco!

Lola almost stepped on Sadie and Mavis peed on the front seat, but we survived!

Baby on play mat with Dunkin Donuts coffee

I totally treated myself to some Dunkin’ coffee after dropping the girls off at the groomer 😉

Baby girl in hat sitting on grandfather's lap

My father and mother-in-law babysat Sadie for a few hours the other night and it was amazing for all of us! Jimmy and I didn’t even know what to do with ourselves without our little gal, lol.

We are so incredibly thankful for our families’ help with and love for Sadie.

Girl getting IV iron infusion

My sixth iron infusion is in the books! I’ve got two more to go and then blood work in May to check my hemoglobin levels and then reassess if I need any more infusions from there.

Three generations of women

Sadie and I slept over my parents’ house earlier this month, which was so much fun! Us gals went shopping, went to lunch (my second time out to eat since Sadie was born and it was such a treat!), and relaxed with the pups.

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate

This chocolate is delicious. What’s your favorite brand and type of chocolate?

What would snapshots from your life right now look like?



  1. Aww that first photo of Sadie touching the pup’s face is too precious! I love that they’re all getting along. ♡ It was so nice of your father and MIL to babysit. You two deserved the time alone!

    I hope you won’t need to do anymore infusions, Allie! I love Endangered Species chocolate. I have a whole list of faves, I can’t pick just one though lol. 😛

    1. Thank you, Hunida! I just love seeing Sader Tot interact with our pets! I’m super relieved they’re all getting along, haha.

      The babysitting was awesome! We so needed that alone time! I didn’t realize it until we were actually alone, haha.

      I feel like you should do a post on your fave chocolates! I’d LOVE that! ❤

  2. I’ve never heard of that Endangered Species chocolate, but it looks amazing! The darker the chocolate, the better, lol. I hope that’s your final iron infusion! Also, that picture with all the snow is beautiful!

  3. I can’t wait to see how your cupcakes turn out for Hannah’s baby shower! Praying the iron levels will be stabilized next time they get checked! Ahh Sadie’s precious little sleeping face ❤
    Endangered species chocolate is sooo good! I think my all time favorite chocolate is Malley’s chocolate- particularly their dark chocolate pretzel crunch- mmm mmmmm !

    1. Thank you, Mackenzie! I am so pumped to get baking! Thanks for your prayers for my iron levels. That means more than you know ❤

      I am going to research Malley's chocolate right now! Thanks for the tip!!

  4. I’m so excited to see your new hair! I’m going to check Instagram right now to see if you’ve posted anything since you wrote this. 🙂

    I love that Sadie loves her fur siblings so much. Definitely post those clips when you have time. I’ll love to see them. 🙂

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