Kicked in stomach

Pregnancy Diary November 9th: To My Due Date… and Beyond!

Wednesday November 9th, 2022

My 40 week appointment went well yesterday! I saw the midwife who helped with Sadie’s delivery and it was fun to bring my little fam along and all talk 😊

Baby is doing well still and so am I! He’s head down, his heart rate is in the 120s-130s, my belly is measuring on track, and my blood pressure is great.

The midwives said I can continue on with the pregnancy and await spontaneous labor, or I can request an induction at the birth center (they’ve made this offer from 39 weeks on, actually!). That would usually involve using the breast pump and walking, doing a membrane sweep, or even breaking my water.

Jimmy and I both agreed that we are fine with waiting for labor to begin on its own as of now. I’m only one day “past due,” and it seems like baby is comfy and doing well so we don’t want to rock the boat. I’m feeling good and baby is good, so we will see what happens in the coming days!

We said we will wait and see and keep praying for wisdom and a healthy delivery. Something fun I did today was go to acupuncture again! This time the acupuncturist did a few points to support pregnancy and overall health (due to all the sickness going around!).

Acupuncture needles in legs

I was talking to Jimmy about how it doesn’t feel real that our son will be here soon. I remember feeling the same way with Sadie. Like, is there really a baby in there?! I am so excited to meet him! I am also looking forward to sleeping on my stomach again and figuring out what to do about my hernia postpartum. Definitely need to get that fixed! (more…)