Fort Time, Two Seconds Later, and What Would You Do?

We decided to build a fort this morning using our couches, scarves, and a blanket. Pretty impressive, I know 😉

Toddler in fort

We did important things in it like playing with Sadie’s toy trucks, snuggling, and reading books. She especially loves Biscuit books lately. 

Toddler reading Biscuit and the Big Parade

Don’t worry, we were safe because Malcolm and Niva supervised the whole ordeal very closely!

Black cat laying on couch fort

Husky and toddler in fort

After we read and played in the fort, I decided to put Sadie’s hair in pigtails. I just love how cute they look. 

Toddler with pigtails

Every time I style her hair, this is what happens about two seconds later…

Toddler pulling hair out of pigtails

They sure are cute while they last. My theory is that she gets so excited to have her hair done that she wants to see it, so she takes the hair band out, lol. 

I have a question. In the first picture of Sadie with her pigtails in, there’s a bunch of produce on the counter behind us. Jimmy’s co-worker gave him:

  • Ten pounds of red delicious apples
  • Ten pounds of pears
  • Five pounds of russet potatoes. 

What a blessing! At first I was thinking I would process the apples into a few batches of apple pie filling or apple sauce, maybe store the pears in our cellar, and make twice baked potatoes with the potatoes. But now I’m kind of thinking I should ask our neighbors if they need or want any produce! Or maybe I’ll do a bit of both cooking and giving away.

What would you do?

Do you have any recipe ideas for an abundance of apples, pears, and potatoes?



  1. Could you make a jam with the apples and pears and then share it with your neighbors in a fourth of july basket or something like that?
    Also, I would hang on to the potatoes … so so many things you can do with them! 🙂

  2. As far as the fresh produce, I would definitely go to your neighbors, and also use some for yourselves! Best of both worlds. I loveeee Sadie’s hair in pigtails, but I also know, first hand, how quickly she pulls them out. I’m sure she will get better as she gets a little older. 👧🏻 You and your siblings and cousins made a lot of blanket forts when you were together, and always had so much fun!! I’m glad you’re passing that amazing pastime on to Sadie!
    Love you,

    1. Yes, totally best of both worlds to go with that plan! I hope she gets better with the pigtails soon! They’re just so cute 🙂

      I must get my love of forts from all of those memories with cousins and siblings!

      Love you! ❤

  3. Ah, pillow & blanket forts are so much fun to build! We love those! I’m glad you guys had fun! Also, pigtails are precious even if they only last 2 seconds!! I saw from the comments above that you decided to share some of the produce, I would do the same thing!

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