Comfortably On Repeat

We’ve had a pretty chill first month of 2021 so far and I’m very happy with that! This time last year Jimmy had just been hospitalized for gastritis and the U.S. was beginning to worry about COVID.

Who would have guessed that we would have to wait in line to get into grocery stores, only to find empty shelves, or that wearing a mask in public would be totally normal. Needless to say, having a relaxed first month of 2021 is wonderful in my opinion! (more…)

A Glitter Volcano, Latest Sewing Project, and Garden Progress

I finished sewing a shirt for Sadie… and she hated it.

Toddler shirt made from button up shirt

I had an old button-up shirt that I cut, used the collar to make a little ribbon detail on the front, and sewed together to make her a shirt that buttons up in the back. I finished it, gave her a bath, and put it on her and she instantly cried and tried to take it off, LOL. It totally reminded me of the story I shared at the bottom of this post a few years ago.

Needless to say, she didn’t end up wearing it and I didn’t get any pictures of her in it. Maybe we’ll try having her put it on again today 😉

Our garden is making a lot of progress! Here’s what it looked like when we planted it in May.

Fruit and vegetable garden

Here’s what it looked like yesterday, June 17th. 

Vegetable and fruit garden

Everything is growing really well! I’ve harvested romaine lettuce twice, arugula and micro greens every few days, and we have tomatoes coming in. I think we will be seeing squash and zucchini very soon, too! 

Have you ever made the classic volcano science experiment with a combo of vinegar and baking soda? I decided to do it with Sadie with the addition of glitter! I took a video, so you can watch it as long as you ignore my lovely outfit of neon yellow shorts and a bright pink shirt. I also realized Sadie is hearing her infamous “mermaid” skort!

She seemed like she enjoyed our little experiment but I don’t think I would use glitter again. That was definitely the mess of the day. I think there will forever be glitter on our back patio and yard. Fun memories! 

Do you have any fun memories with science experiments?

If you have a garden, how is it doing?