A Few Favorites

Hey hey and happy Friday! Do you have anything fun going on this weekend? I’m doing lots of baking (cupcakes!) for a baby shower tomorrow. Can’t wait to see my friend open all her baby gifts. There’s just something about cute little baby clothes that makes me so happy 😊

I thought I would pop in today and share a few favorite things and moments from my life lately. I think the last time I did this type of post was in July so I’m way overdue! Here are a few favorites. Please share some things you’re loving in the comments, too!

Toddler girl playing in Cracker Barrel old country store

Christmas canvas. Is it too early to be talking about Christmas? I personally don’t think so πŸ˜‰ I bought this canvas from my sister’s Etsy shop and I’m so excited to use it to decorate our house for Christmas!

Girls’ day. My mom, Sadie, and I spent the day together last Friday and went to lunch at Cracker Barrel! Sadie loved the store as much as my mom and I did (see her in the ~zone~ in the first picture in this post). I love Cracker Barrel corn muffins, too 🀀

Magic Eraser Sheets. I’m sure you’ve heard of Magic Erasers, but have you seen the sheets?!

Mr. Clean MagicEraser Sheets

Maybe I’m late to the game on these, but they are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I usually cut Magic Erasers in half to try and get more use out of them in different spaces throughout the house but these solve my problem because they’re already thin sheets!

Ho Wood Oil. Still using and loving essential oils over here! It has been especially neat to try out oils that aren’t super common. I have been enjoying putting ho wood oil in a diffuser in our room just before bedtime. It’s such a mellow and relaxing scent to fall asleep to 😴

Lunchbox notes. How adorable are these lunchbox notes?!

Lunchbox notes from Etsy shop Lau Kau

My friend Laura surprised me with a pack of them and I have been having way, way too much fun writing notes for Jimmy to read when he opens his lunch box each day πŸ˜‚ She has Christmas-themed lunch box notes, too 😍

Peach. I’m mildly obsessed with my brother-in-law’s puppy. There’s just something about a puppy that is so sweet and innocent, you know? She’s a cutie pie and reminds me a lot of Lola ❀️

Black lab and collie mix puppy sitting on couch

I love that the tips of her paws are white. It looks like she’s wearing little socks πŸ˜‚

Snuggling with Malcolm. Our wild black cat, Malcolm, has been extra snuggly lately. He finds any and every opportunity to curl up in my lap and purr. I love, love, love it!

Lace and Trace Activity Set. I know this is a toy for young children, but Jimmy, my mom, and I have all played with this (along with Sadie!) and have found it to be fun and relaxing.

Toddler using Melissa & Doug lace and trace animal cards

These cute animals come with shoe laces to thread through the holes and can also be traced. Great for developing those fine motor skills. Sadie used the shoe lace to thread one and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so focused 🀣 She immediately asked to do another so it was definitely a winning purchase!

Kids Yoga Mat. If you’ve read my blog before, you probably know I enjoy yoga but it’s been a little tough to do it with a busy toddler in the mix. Enter this cute little yoga mat!

Toddler girl doing yoga on a gaiam kids yoga mat

Now Sader Tot can join me while I do yoga! We found a few mommy and me classes on YouTube and it’s a fun activity to do together. We also have a deck of yoga pose cards and sometimes we spread out our mats and pick cards at random and try to do the poses. This results in lots of giggles πŸ˜‰

What are some of your favorite things/moments lately?



  1. Your having too much fun!
    Love ❀️ the picture if Sadie in Cracker Barrel!
    Love πŸ’• you,

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