Losing Lola

My heart is so incredibly heavy. Our Lola girl passed away yesterday.

Cocker spaniel and pit bull

Lola was my birthday gift when I turned 14. My dad and I went to a local shelter and picked her out together. She was an adorable, wild little puppy and changed my life in the best way.

She saw me through high school, college, getting married, moving, adopting Malcolm and Mavis, pregnancy, and having a baby.

Black lab and cocker spaniel puppy cuddlingDogs and baby

She was by my side through so many life changes. She always went with the flow and accepted each new family member and circumstance.

She loved a good, long walk, car rides, food of any sort, and snuggling on the couch. We pet sat together and shared food and years of memories. When Jimmy would take her to work with him she would hang out in the office and quietly greet new visitors. She had her stubborn moments, and she adored digging in the trash.

We went on so many walks together. In the heat, snow, on the beach, with other dogs, by rivers, in the woods, and so many other places. She was my baby girl for 13 years.

I had her before I started this blog and even before I met Jimmy.

Guy and black lab with harness and leash walking by water creek in Pittsburgh

Her passing came as a complete shock. I let her and Mavis outside yesterday afternoon and Mavis came back in as soon as she went to the bathroom, as usual. Lola did her usual thing of sniffing around the yard and sunbathing while Sadie, Mavis, and I hung out inside. Our neighbor knocked on the door and said I should check on Lola because she was laying strangely.

I went outside to check on her and she had passed. I’m not sure what happened. She was laying in an odd position, so I don’t know if she hurt her neck while rolling in the grass, or if she had a heart attack or seizure or something else. Whatever the case, I think her passing was fast and hopefully peaceful. She was totally fine that morning, and I’m glad she didn’t have a long, slow, and sad decline in health before she passed.

My parents were nearby and came over, and my dad and Jimmy buried her at Jimmy’s work–one of her favorite places. Thankfully I had a chance to pet her one last time and feel her soft ears and paws and say goodbye before my dad and Jimmy took her.

Mavis was doing okay until bed time. We went to bed and she started howling and crying, so she slept between Jimmy and I last night. We’re all just completely heartbroken at the sudden loss of Lola. I’m so thankful I had so many great years with her. She was truly such a sweet girl.

Case in point: below is the last picture I have of her. I laid on the couch to take a nap on Saturday and she and Mavis hopped up and napped right along with me.

Girl napping on couch with dogs

I miss her so much already ❤



  1. Oh Allie- my heart absolutely aches for you. I know how special and sweet Lola was. These pictures are so precious, I love the one of her getting every drop out of that starbucks cup ❤ Sending you sooo much love and the hugest of hugs.

  2. Oh Allie, my heart hurts for you. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Lola was such a loyal and faithful companion and such a huge part of your life. I can’t imagine. Praying peace over you, my friend.

  3. Oh, I am so sorry for your loss! Happy that you had so many years and memories with her though! Praying for you and your family during this difficult time!

  4. I remember the day so well we went and adopted Lola. They had named her Licorice and we changed it to Lola. It was so hard to see the little girl pass but she was a great companion, so much joy! She acted like a puppy right up to the end! She was a special girl!

    Love You

  5. I’m so sorry to hear this sad news. My local vet has a sign saying that “Dogs leave pawprints on our hearts”. And it’s true… It’s so hard and painful to lose a beloved pet, especially when they’ve been by your side faithfully through so many life events.

    Lola had a wonderful life with you. She was lucky to be adopted by you!

    Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time.

  6. I am sososo sorry. This breaks my heart. Loosing a pet is one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. I know Lola lived a wonderful life, and I am happy she didn’t have to suffer. Sending love to you and your family.

  7. Allie, I’m so devastated to hear about Lola. Thinking of you and your family and other pets. ❤ Even if we know it’s coming eventually nothing makes this kind of loss better. I still miss my dog I grew up with for 13 years, but am always happy for having as much time with him as I did. I’m glad it seems like Lola probably did not suffer at least. Again I’m so sorry and can imagine how painful this is for you!

  8. My heart broke at just reading the title of this blog post… I am sooooo sorry and devastated for you! What a beautiful blog post to remember her by. She was a special dog, and I can tell she had such a beautiful life with you. Again, I am SO sorry! Hugs!!!

  9. I am SO sorry for your loss! Ever since I started volunteering at an animal shelter on weekends recently, I’ve become more attached to those sweet pups. Lola reminds me of this old golden lab we had named Miles. He was a gentle giant, but he was about 13 years old and had arthritis. I remember giving him his joint chew and taking him out for a walk last Saturday, and he was as happy as a clam ❤ . Yesterday though, I didn't see him at all…I forgot to ask one of the shelter workers where he was…if he got adopted…it didn't hit me that he very well may have passed away due to his age 😦

    Anyways, sending you all the hugs ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you so much, P ❤ and thanks for sharing about Miles. I hope you are able to find out what happened so you can have some closure! Thanks for sending along all the hugs 🙂

  10. Oh no, Allie, I’m so sorry. My heart goes out to you & your family. ♡ There is nothing to say that can make losing a furry friend okay. I hope Lola is having the best time where ever she is now. It must have been shocking, not knowing what even caused it. Again, I’m so sorry, Allie. 😔

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