Asian Lantern Festival, More Crafting, and Fall Weather

Have you ever tried to do yoga with a toddler and curious cat? If not, this is what it’s like: you roll out your mat and pick a YouTube video. Your toddler plays with the keyboard on your computer and turns off the video while your cat attacks you every time you move. Once your toddler has sufficiently changed the settings on your computer, she jumps on you. And that is how it goes!

Mom doing yoga with toddler and cat

I wouldn’t change my failed yoga-with-a-cat-and-toddler sessions for the world. Prying each of them off of me is yoga in and of itself 😉

Sadie and I signed up for a craft activity at our library and had such a great time making leaves, painting, and learning new art techniques on Friday afternoon!

Toddler doing crafts at Andrew Carnegie Free Library with Artsmiths of Pittsburgh

It was pretty warm outside that evening and we had a gift card to a local restaurant, so we went out to eat as a family and dined outside. I think it was the second time Jimmy, Sadie, and I have ever gone out to eat just us three?! Since it’s such a rare occasion for us, it’s always special ❤️

We made sure to bring a puzzle and some stickers for Sadie to play with but I think Jimmy and I had more fun with the puzzle. We were talking about completing a big puzzle together but then remembered we have a wild cat, young dog, and toddler who would probably be all over that!

Child at Walnut Grill Bridgeville

Friday night finished off with snuggle time on the couch with Jimmy and Niva while we watched Gold Rush. Pushing our couches together makes the room 100x more cozy 😊

Husband and wife snuggling on couch with husky

On Saturday, my mom watched Sadie for the night (!!!) and Jimmy and I went to the Asian Lantern Festival at the Pittsburgh Zoo with my sister and her husband and our friends from church. We have five kids between us, so a night without them was so weird in the best way!

I couldn’t believe the intricate details of all the lanterns at the festival and had such a fun time. The weather was rainy on Saturday morning and chilly by the evening. It felt like the first bit of fall weather we’ve had this season!

Husband and wife at Pittsburgh Zoo Asian Lantern Festival
Girls at Asian Lantern Festival at Pittsburgh Zoo

Now it’s Sunday and we are driving home from morning church as I type up this post. We’ll probably spend the afternoon napping (<– Sadie, I hope!), catching up around the house (<– me, I hope!), and working on church projects (<– Jimmy) before heading back for the evening service tonight!

Tell me about your weekend!

Have you been experiencing fall weather where you live?



  1. Hahaha! I remember when yoga used to look like that. Though without a cat. But Oreo would always try to lay underneath me any time I did downward dog. And of course when I used to have a toddler (TEAR! How did she grow so fast?!) she climbed all over me. Now it’s side-by-side yoga for us which is also sweet. ❤ Like you said, wouldn't trade it for the world! It goes by so fast.

    Leaf art! So fun! And the festival looks so fun! Glad you got to enjoy an evening out together!

  2. I always love all of your pictures!! It feels like I’m right there with you. I’m glad you and Jimmy had a nice “date night”, and that Sadie did well spending the night with Pap Pap & YaYa 🙂
    Sadie is def your mini-me!

  3. Milan just started to get all cold and gray and rainy and the Cali girl in me loved it 😂

    Aww that craft activity reminds me of my ol’ public library. I remember they used to host all sorts of cool activities and one of my favorites was a summer reading challenge. If you met your goal, you could get a free book! And there were no limits! 😂

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