Matching, Crafting, and Everything Else

I’ve been at it again with wearing matching clothes with Sadie. I hope she’s not embarrassed by me when she’s a teenager and sees 500 pictures of us in matching dresses/shirts/outfits πŸ˜‚

Mom and daughter matching in Bailey's Blossoms shirts

Random question: when do you start holiday shopping? I really like the idea of being done with buying Christmas gifts before December even starts, but I’ve never actually done that. I know it would be nice and would help me enjoy the season much more!

I keep hearing people talk about how the supply chain is slow this year and that if you want to order something online, it’s better to do it sooner than later. Have you heard that at all? So crazy.

I’ve been looking at Christmas Bible studies lately and I’m curious if anyone has one they recommend. If so, let me know!

Sadie and I did a pom pom craft together this morning and it was adorable. When she asks me to play baby dolls I’m like okaaayyy. But crafts? YES!

Pom pom pictures craft

Something else I dreamed of while pregnant with Sader Tot was baking with her. It only gets more and more fun as she gets older.

We made donuts (pancake dough baked in a donut pan πŸ˜‰) and frosted them with yogurt and sprinkles and she thought that was pretty neat!

Homemade baked donut with yogurt frosting and sprinkles

Want to hear something funny? Well, it wasn’t funny in the moment but I can totally look back and laugh now. I had a bunch of Etsy orders over the weekend, so I asked my sister to watch Sadie between the morning and evening church services on Sunday so I could bake.

My sister took the kids to a pumpkin patch and I baked lots of bread, brownies, and granola for my orders. I was packing everything up late Sunday night and suddenly realized the post office would be closed on Monday for Columbus Day. Noooo!! I had to start over the next day and bake everything again so it was fresh. Lesson learned: check for random holidays before getting ready to ship orders πŸ˜† Nothing went to waste because we’ll eat it all and share with family and friends, but man was that a stinker!

At least Sadie got to pick pumpkins and hang out with family. Thank you Hannah!

Toddler girls in matching outfits at pumpkin patch

Okay, one more funny story. Our mailman loves Niva and always leaves her a bone on our front porch when he drops off the mail. Sometimes I get the mail while Niva is at daycare so I leave the bone on the counter for when she gets home. Sometimes I don’t get the mail at all and Jimmy brings it (and the bone) in when he comes home from work.

One day he was like “Where are all these bones coming from?! Why am I finding them on our counter and porch every day?” I explained the mailman thing and he understood. He drove to a church meeting the other day and sent me this picture and text message.

Funny text conversation

I have no idea how a dog bone ended up in his truck but it really freaked him out and was hilarious!

What was the last funny or weird conversation you had?



  1. Hooray for all the matching! But oh no for needing to re-do all the baking! I know you love to bake, but that’s a lot of work. Love that you are so committed to providing the freshest possible goods, though!

  2. I LOVE when you and Sadie match – it’s the cutest ever! She has become quite crafty, that’s for sure!
    I have not started any Christmas shopping yet, but I have some ideas for Sadie, Caroline and Remi, but not so much for Lawson and Raven. I definitely can’t be “Last minute Lisa” this year– too many supply chain issues as you stated.
    The bone on Jimmy’s truck is absolutely hilarious – that would honestly only happen to you two.
    That pic of Sadie and Caroline is sooooo precious — make sure to watch it live too πŸ™‚

    1. Awww, thanks! It’s my favorite!

      It’s crazy (and exciting) how quickly Christmas is coming up!! Can’t wait to celebrate πŸ™‚

      I love watching that photo live. They are adorable ❀

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