An Impromptu Day Date

I wish I could say Jimmy and I went on a lovely, relaxing day date together (kind of like this one!), but that’s not what this post is about 😂 Instead, the poor guy came home from work early on Tuesday because he wasn’t feeling well.

I know it’s hard to rest with a young child in the house, and it’s especially hard with Sadie because she adores Jimmy and wants to play with him anytime he’s home. Like, if he’s on the couch, she’s literally on top of him just talking and living her best life. Definitely not what you need when you’re feeling under the weather 😆

So, I got Jimmy settled into bed and Sadie and I went off on an impromptu day date so he could have some peace and quiet.

Girl giving air bath at Build-A-Bear

Our first stop was Build-A-Bear! I hadn’t taken Sadie there since January 2021 and we had a gift card that I had been saving for an occasion just like this! She built a mermaid bear and was very polite and sweet with the workers. It was a fun experience to have together.

Sadie and I go out and about together all the time. We go to the library, grocery store, post office, etc., but we don’t do a lot of things just for her, so I wanted her to have a special experience!

Since Build-A-Bear was in the mall and there’s a candy store nearby, we just had to stop 😉 I told her she could get one treat and she chose a chocolate covered marshmallow stick. I was thinking that would be a great addition to my Etsy shop, haha. Always thinking about Etsy over here!

Girl inside mall with chocolate covered marshmallows

One of the anchor shops in the mall is Target, so we popped in to browse around and saw that Legos were on sale. She enjoys the Lego Friends sets, which are usually $10 for a small set. We ended up scoring one for $8 and I had a Target gift card to use up! She also made out with a little snack–Princess-themed Goldfish crackers 💖

We finished up the date by heading into Barnes and Noble to play in the kids section. She was very into the cafe area of the store, so we sat at a table while she munched on her new Goldfish crackers. Little moments like that make her so happy 🥰

By that point, it was close to dinnertime and I had successfully kept her out of Jimmy’s hair for a few hours! We dropped by Walgreens to get him saltines and gatorade and headed home. We worked on her Lego set (yep, they’re still hard for my brain 😂) and then made soup for dinner.

Lego Friends Pony Bath

We capped off the evening by watching the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie and Jimmy and Sader Tot enjoyed some snuggles. I’m happy to report he’s doing a bit better today!

Hopefully the next day date in our little family doesn’t revolve around sickness in any way and is just pure fun 🤩 I had such a nice time with Sadie, though. She’s growing into a joyful, sweet, and kind little girl and I feel beyond blessed to watch that happen day by day 💜

When was your last date and what did you do?


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