Barnes and Noble

Studying and Baking (and Jax!)

Thank you to everyone who showed support in the comments section of my last post about Hearty Handfuls. You guys rock! I definitely have moments of nervousness about starting an Etsy shop, but overall I’m really, really loving it!


I’m happy to report that I sold and shipped my first order, and I added a new flavor of granola to my shop: gingerbread! (more…)


Hey hey! This is going to be a quick post because I am headed to Pittsburgh’s famous amusement park…. Kennywood! Currently I am sipping on some vanilla iced coffee in my new $4.00 tumbler from Barnes and Noble.

I also wanted to share the fact that I made an effort to look presentable yesterday! I had to go to the grocery store and instead of looking like a bum, I wore a skirt!

I got some “meat” crumbles for taco night later this week.

Though I do typically replace meat with lentils, beans, hearty veggies, and tofu, I think it is fun to experiment with fake meat every once in a while!


Okay, i’m off to ride some roller coasters and munch on some amusement park food. (Hopefully ice cream! Mom, if you are reading this… BUY ME ICE CREAM AND A FUNNEL CAKE TODAY PLEASE YUUUUUM)

Have a GREAT day!!!


Favorite “fake meat” product?

Favorite book store?