too many pets

Studying and Baking (and Jax!)

Thank you to everyone who showed support in the comments section of my last post about Hearty Handfuls. You guys rock! I definitely have moments of nervousness about starting an Etsy shop, but overall I’m really, really loving it!


I’m happy to report that I sold and shipped my first order, and I added a new flavor of granola to my shop: gingerbread! (more…)

Meet Lily

First and foremost, I have foodie pictures.

They. Were. So. Good.

4 ingredient guacamole: 1. avocado 2. lime juice 3. cilantro 4. salt

These, also, were SO good!


Okay…. meet Lily

The story: Hannah went to a 4th of July fair and tried to win a turtle. She spent a bit of money so my parents said “Why don’t you just buy one instead?”  So, on Tuesday, my mom, Hannah, and I go to the pet store to get a turtle. They were $35 BUT the tank + heat lamp was $180. Cray cray. 

So I said “Dude, just get a kitten, they are way cheaper.” So on Thursday we adopted a kitten from a foster family that takes care of stranded/abused kittens and cats.

How could anyone just leave Lily?!

It turns out, she has been an outdoor cat since birth so guess what we did all Thursday morning….. Bathed her, got a million huge fleas off of her, AND I pulled a tick off of her chin 😦 poor thing!

She is in safe keeping now though!

My house now has 5 people living in it plus 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 kitten, and 1 hamster!

Soon only 4 people will live at my house because I found out my move-in date for cross country training camp…. i’ll update you all on my next post!