Pregnancy Diary March 2nd: First Symptoms and Fears

March 2nd, 2022

Hi! I’m here again to write about this pregnancy. A few new updates: I’m tired, I have a dating ultrasound scheduled, and I’m in the process of setting up prenatal care.

I’ve also done that obsessive early pregnancy thing where I take a cheap pregnancy test each morning just to see that second line. I think it still shocks me to see the second line because I have taken a lot of pregnancy tests since we started trying in August 2020 and every. single. one. was negative. I sometimes just pass by the test during the day and look at it and smile. I love this baby so much!

Pregnancy test with faint line

I’m feeling decent so far, I’ve had some night sweats (I forgot how intense those were!), my chest is starting to feel tender, and I have taken some hardcore naps + gone to bed early. No food aversions or sickness at this point! I remember having about two weeks of no sickness with Sadie’s pregnancy and thinking I would be one of those women who don’t get morning sickness. Then it hit. So we’ll see what happens. Taking it all in stride!

I let the Midwife Center (where we delivered Sadie) know that we are expecting and they want me to have an ultrasound to get a due date set. So, I’m scheduled for an ultrasound on Monday March 7th. I’m excited and nervous at the same time!

Excited to hopefully see a little gummy bear/jelly bean and nervous that something could be wrong. But I am working on trusting God fully. There isn’t much else I can do! I need to care for myself and know that He is in control and has a perfect plan.

Something my friend Rach taught me with my last pregnancy is to enjoy every moment of it that you get from God. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that right now I can love this baby and every single moment that I have with him/her. It’s a much better use of my time than worrying! If the pregnancy were to end, I want to look back and say that I rested in God and found joy in the time I had with the baby instead of worrying the whole time.

We went to Ikea last night to look at kitchen tables and we were talking about how it was Sadie’s third or fourth time going there and then I said it was baby’s first Ikea trip! Little things like that are ways I can celebrate the pregnancy and not fear that it will somehow disappear.

We walked past the cribs and took note that they’re very inexpensive! We were also discussing how he/she will be born in the same season Sadie was. If it’s a girl, we likely won’t have to purchase any clothes! If it’s a boy, then I get to go thrifting 😬

I’ve kind of thought about buying something for the baby just to acknowledge its existence and how excited we are. I was absolutely terrified of doing that during Sadie’s pregnancy because I thought what if I bought her something and then something happened? But you just can’t live life like that. You can’t! If something were to happen, God will be with us and carry us through. He always does.

Sadie definitely knows something is up. We haven’t officially told her she’s going to have a sibling but we have talked about it with her for the past year or so. She was there when I told Jimmy on Saturday, too. When we were in the Outer Banks, we went to a thrift store and she walked past every. single. baby girl item and said “this is for my baby sister!” and at that point I didn’t know I was pregnant. Did she have a hunch? It could have been because we talk about babies a lot since we’ve been trying for another and there’s so many at our church.

Mom and toddler daughter selfie at arcade in OBX Bowling Alley

Before I knew I was pregnant she was taking a shower with me and patted my stomach, looked up at me, and said baby and I was like what? Then to be clear with me, she said baby in mommy’s belly in response to my what. Honestly, my stomach was bloated, and I don’t *think* I was pregnant at that point–or I was veryyyy early, but it was wild now that I think about it! She’s done it a couple of times since then (twice yesterday, actually), but it could be because she’s heard us pray for the baby at dinner and bedtime each day. Either way, it’s the best and so special.

Whether or not she understands or knows what’s going on, I am so excited for her to have a sibling. I once heard that sibling relationships are the longest ones you have in your life. How special is that? I know I have a tight bond with my brother and sister and I’m incredibly grateful to my parents for my siblings. Once again, if something were to happen, it’s totally fine if Sadie is an only child! That would be God’s plan, you know? He knows what He is doing.

I mentioned filming Jimmy’s reaction to me telling him I’m pregnant in my last pregnancy diary post and I finally edited and posted it on Youtube. Here it is. So special to look back on already!

While we haven’t officially told Sadie she will have a sibling in the fall, we do plan on telling her at some point! I’m not sure how we will tell her, but I love that she’s old enough to understand what’s going on. When the baby is born, she’ll be just over four-years-old. Crazy to think about!

I guess what I’m trying to say in this long, rambling post is that I’m thankful and trusting God with all my heart. He has given us a baby and with every moment I have with the baby I am going to thank God and trust that He is caring for him/her and has everything under control. Because He is good. All the time!



  1. So glad you’re documenting your pregnancy from beginning to end! It’s so exciting and I’m so thankful to God for His amazing blessings for our family ♥️

  2. That advice made a world of difference for me so I’m so glad it helped you too! ❤ Also, telling Jimmy!! Ah, so fun! I'm so glad you have these videos to look back on!

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