Currently: March 2023

Hello month number three of 2023! Spring begins this month and I’m already dreaming of gardening and more daylight in the coming months.

Mom and daughter sitting in grass wearing pink

As always, here’s what’s current in my life this month. Feel free to join in in the comments section and let me know what’s current for you.

Current books So many lately! A Midwife in Amish Country, Grace Upon Grace, The Baby’s Coming, and Becoming Free Indeed.

Current excitement We’re going to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter this month!

Current baked good Guys, I baked challah for the first time since pregnancy! I felt a bit rusty, but it’s all coming back to me 😉

Challah bread

Current goal Deep cleaning and decluttering every nook and cranny in our home. Spring cleaning and preparing to host Bible studies in our home next month has me on a mission to get it spic and span!

Current blessing More daylight. It feels so nice to still see the sun a bit past 6:00 pm!

Current fun We took the kids to Rural King to look at chicks! I had bought Sadie Peeps at the store the day before and told her we were going to look at real peeps. She kept asking me when we were going to see the “meeps” haha.

Young girl looking at chicks at Rural King in Washington, PA

Current joy Family life. It’s such a blessing to have my little family. I love Jimmy, Sadie, and Mordecai so much!

Current craving A date night with Jimmy. I feel like I haven’t had a deep, uninterrupted conversation with him in way too long!

Current laugh I have two this month. We were driving to church and I realized I didn’t have any nursing pads so I quickly unclipped my shirt and stuffed napkins into my bra. We got to church and I realized I clipped my seatbelt into my shirt.

Girl with purple shirt clipped into seatbelt

The second laugh was when I was washing dishes and looked out the kitchen window. Niva was just casually sitting in our fire pit!

Siberian Husky sitting in fire pit

Current obsession Getting back into the swing of baking and figuring out what to do with my little business. Do I want to get back into selling on Etsy, sell locally, work on a cookbook-type project, look for a physical location again, or take more time off? Spending lots of time in prayer about this passion of mine.

Current home product A rechargeable candle lighter. It’s the worst when I go to light a candle only to find that the lighter is out of fluid! Enter this genius invention.

Current cuteness My boys!

Dad holding baby boy with suspenders

Current beauty product This tubing mascara. I used to use Thrive Causemetics mascara, but I found out the company supports some things I don’t agree with so I switched to Tarte!

Currently looking forward to Our monthly family night. We’re going to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show.

Current food As always, I’ve been working on getting Sadie involved in the kitchen with me. We’ve been making lots of breakfasts together lately: challah french toast, strawberries, bacon, and scrambled eggs.

Young girl cutting strawberries and breakfast of challah French toast and eggs

Current drink Coffee! I’ve been enjoying Nespresso pods at home and blonde roast at Starbucks.

Current fun Getting outside as much as possible lately. We haven’t had much of a winter here in Pittsburgh (yet..?!) and I’m not mad about it. It has been wonderful to spend time outside without being bundled up.

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What’s current for you this month?



  1. The peeps remind me of having chickens when I was a young boy! Great experience but a lot of work for my mom and dad I’m sure.
    Love 💕 you!

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