Currently: March 2019

We’re somehow about halfway through March right now. I feel like we were just ringing in the new year! Here’s what’s currently going on in my life this month.

Current books I’ve started reading this book as I prepare to co-lead a mom’s group at our church. Sadie has been enjoying this book about Genesis as well as learning sign language from this book, and she adores pulling down the felt flaps in this farm-themed book!

Current excitement My sister’s baby shower is on Saturday! She’s due in two months and I cannot wait to meet baby Caroline ๐Ÿ™‚

Current joy Sadie. She’s sweet as can be and becoming more and more interactive each day.

Baby girl wearing sparkly cat ears from Old Navy

Current beauty product Does a towel count as a beauty product?! This reusable makeup remover towel is so neat–it removes makeup with just water!

Current food Edamame spaghetti. I found it at Aldi for a good price, so I figured we’d give it a whirl. Random, but delicious.

Current laugh I recently hung out with my mom and drove her truck. I parked and grabbed my water bottle (still loving the water bottle from this post, FYI!), only to discover that I took her cup holder along with me. The best part was that I didn’t realize I had the cup holder until I was about 50 feet away from the truck, lol.

Flamingo pink hydroflask water bottle

Current baked good Graham cracker chocolate chip cookies.

Current indulgence Blogging when I should be doing household chores ๐Ÿ˜‰

Current drink Jimmy and I recently tried the new Cloud Macchiato from Starbucks and it was excellent! Also loving Newman’s Own k-cups and coffee in general, as always!

Coffee and Dairy Pure half and half in a Mommy mug

Current goal To organize and sort through all of Sadie’s clothes.

Current craving Spring weather and a date night with Jimmy!

Current cuteness Mavis and Sadie. They’re best buds โค

Cocker spaniel cuddling with baby girl

Current blessing Daylight savings time. I am so enjoying the extra daylight hours!

Current obsession Researching chicken keeping. I really don’t need any more living things to take care of but I’ve always wanted to have chickens. I keep telling myself “Don’t do it, Allie” and yet I find myself looking up more and more info…

Current fun Pittsburgh experienced some semi-warm weather over the weekend, so Jimmy and I took Mavis and Sadie for a walk on a local trail. We also went to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, which was a blast!

Dad with cocker spaniel and baby on trail with jogging stroller

Tell me something current in your life!



  1. So exciting that your sister is due soon!! The picture of Mavis and Sadie is adorable. Sadie is so unphased by Mavis sleeping on her belly haha.

    I love those makeup erasers. I have 5 now. No joke haha. I rotate through them since I got a multipack for Christmas and it definitely helps keep them fresh longer. Seriously the best product, especially for travel!

    1. I am sooo excited for my sister to have her baby girl! Every day I get more and more excited, haha. So true about Sadie being unfazed by Mavis sleeping on her belly! She is used to all of the animals crazy antics ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m jealous you have five of those makeup erasers! They’re just so amazing! I definitely need to stock up on more!

  2. When I got on my computer today, I was actually hoping there would be a blog post from you and sure enough there was, lol! Crazy how that worked out. Anyway…loved reading this update!! I think we are all dying for some spring weather honestly. I can’t wait for it to warm up just a little more and I’m about done with the snow. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Oh and I haven’t been certain if I want to try those cloud macchiatos? They said the foam was made with egg whites and that kind of weirds me out a little. But it’s great to know they are actually good! Maybe I will give it a shot.
    Definitely looking into those makeup remover towels! I’ve never heard of them before! I wonder if they work on waterproof mascara.

    1. Yay!! I am so glad my post was there for ya! I feel bad I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like to, but I know everyone understands life gets busy–especially with a baby! I can’t wait to have some time and read/comment on your posts. I am SO pumped for your move!! You said you’d be driving through WV or OH? Which part?! I wonder if it’s close to me! I’ll also be driving past VA Beach next month…. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I hope you’re getting some spring weather now! We have had a few days of warm weather and it is SO good for my soul!

      The cloud macchiato is great! If you can mentally get past the egg whites, I think you’d enjoy it! Let me know if you try one ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m not sure if the towels work on waterproof mascara… I’m sure there are some Q&A on the Amazon page that may be able to answer that!!

      1. Oh don’t feel bad about not blogging as much! You have a baby now and you’re understandably busy! โค

        We will be driving through WV! I don't think we are going through Ohio, but probably close to it. Hmm I don't think we will be very close to PA unfortunately since we'll be heading south. How fun that you'll be driving past VA Beach next month!! You'll have to let me know how the weather is lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Oh my gosh YES, we have finally had a few warmer days and it feels amazing. It's literally perfect weather with just a light breeze and finally the cold edge is gone! I'm HERE for it haha! I'm so glad you guys have been able to enjoy the spring weather as well.

  3. Mavis and Sadie together are just precious! Love that! Also, chicken keeping… oh goodness, Christopher would love that. He has tried to talk me into this for years, haha! But you know, farm fresh eggs are pretty awesome. I have always enjoyed when friends of ours have had chickens and past eggs on to us. You would be very popular with your friends! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And finally, so exciting about Hannah’s shower coming up so soon!

    1. I just love seeing Mavis and Sadie get along so well! It is just so stinkin’ sweet!

      I’m like Christopher… I keep trying to talk Jimmy into chicken keeping haha! He likes the idea of fresh eggs, but not all the work!

  4. That picture of Mavis and Sadie is toooo cute. And I donโ€™t think chickens are too high maintenance- just make sure you have a really good pen and house for them to keep them safe from fox, coyotes, dogs, etc. I want to find some local farm fresh eggs. Thatโ€™s on my spring to-do list. I wanted to try the cloud macchiato but I see in a comment above that the foam is egg whites?? Like that commenter, I find that a little weird when I think about it.

    1. Thank you!! It was one of those moments where I was like “I HAVE to take a picture of this!”

      Yay for chickens not being too high maintenance! Maybe I can talk Jimmy into letting me do that as a summer project, haha. There’s nothing like fresh, local eggs! It’s hard to go back to store-bought once you’ve had “the good stuff” haha.

      Yeah, the cloud part of the macchiato is made with egg whites! If you can mentally get past it, it’s very delicious!

  5. She is just getting SO big and is absolutely beautiful! (That picture of her and Mavis was a hit in my family. It was so adorable that I had to show it to Brady, and he said, “My friend is so cute.” HA!!!!).

  6. Ooo, I’ve heard of those makeup remover wipes! They sound awesome. & graham cracker choco chip cookies?! Yes, please!!

    I hope you & Jimmy are able to fit in a date night soon. โ™ก

    That photo of Mavis & Sadie is just melting my heart!! & I am enjoying the extra daylight hours, too. You should totally keep chicken! Lol that would be so fun. I’ve had neighbors in the past with some!

    I’ve never been to a Home & Garden Show & didn’t even know I wanted to until now lol. It does sound like a blast!!

    1. The makeup wipes are legit!! I don’t know how I lived without them before… dramatic, I know ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I think Jimmy and I will be getting a date night this week… YAY!

      1. Hahaha no, I totally get you. There are just some products that change your life.

        I hope you two have an amazing date night. โค

  7. Does Sadie have her own carton of eggs? Lol such a cute toy. Also such a cute pic of her at the top!

    And send me over some graham cookies…sounds delicious ;P !!

    1. YES! Isn’t that just the cutest?! I think I like the toy as much as she does!

      I can totally send you some cookies!! Your address changed, right? Send me your new one and I’ll send you some ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I cannot believe how quickly this year is flyinโ€™ either! How awesome about co-leading a Momโ€™s group! Hope the shower went wonderfully !

    Aw Sweet Sadie!!! I see how she is starting to look like the both of you!!

    Edamame spaghetti?! Iโ€™d love to try that! Such a fun idea.

    Also that is too funny you took the cup holder too- Iโ€™m imaging if you actually took it back with you and what that convo would sound like, โ€œHi mom, sorry I accidentally took your car cup holders!โ€. Hahah .

    Thanks for the awesome update- love all these pics here too. Have a great Sunday, Allie ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It’s just wild that we’re now almost in the fourth month of the year… like what?! Soon we’ll be halfway through 2019. Cray cray!

      The shower was so fun! I finally (two… weeks… later..) blogged about it haha.

      The edamame spaghetti is so good! If I see it again at Aldi I’ll pick up a box and send it to ya! You just never know with Aldi and their “special buys” that only last a week or two but I’ll look! I think you’d like it a lot!

      1. Yay!! I cannot wait to read all about it!!

        Awww!! You are too sweet, Allie!! I have good news — there is an aldi that is within driving distance from Austin, so you bet I’ll be ALL over that when we move there ๐Ÿ™‚ I cannot even explain my level of excitement hahah. I miss that store so much

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