Currently: March 2022

It’s month three of 2022 already! Who is ready for the arrival of spring?! I know I am. I’m so happy the days are getting longer and warmer! Here’s what’s current in my life this month.

Sunset in Kill Devil Hills, NC

Current books I just finished this memoir from a famous meteorologist and this true story about a woman leaving the Amish. Now I’m onto this one. I’m also doing a Bible study on the book of Ruth with my sister. Sadie is enjoying her Hot Dots, which combines reading and interactive learning all in one fun activity 🙌 

Current fun We’re planning to meet a new husky friend in the next couple of weeks. The owner had inquired about pet sitting and we were both in shock that our dogs look like twins! I feel like every husky looks super unique, so this was just wild. I will try and take a picture when we get the girls together!

Current goal Getting my life back in order post-vacation. I came home buried in Etsy orders (a good “problem!”), and I still need to fully unpack, do laundry, and clean. Whew! I’m giving myself grace and patience. It will all get done 😊

Current laugh Jimmy and I were watching Battle Bots the other night and Malcolm randomly sat on our shelf next to the fireplace. We thought he made a very cute decor piece 😂

Black cat sitting on shelf

Current food When I was in the Outer Banks I had seafood every day (raw oysters, ahi tuna, steamed shrimp, scallops, mahi mahi, etc.) and now I’m back to my favorite protein: pork! I made a marinade of mustard, lemon juice, paprika, parsley, and ginger yesterday and cooked pork chops on the stove. They were great!

Current drink Jimmy recently grabbed a bag of Starbucks Tribute Blend, which features from Sumatra, Columbia, Papua New Guinea, and Ethiopia. All of these regions give the coffee an herbal, chocolatey, spicy, and fruit-forward notes. Basically, its really tasty 😬

Current baked good Frozen chocolate chip cookie dough. Don’t knock it till ya try it 😉

Current joy Being back home with Jimmy and the pets! It feels good to be back into normal life after being away 😊

Husband and wife selfie in car

Current blessing My lil Etsy shop became a “Star Seller” this month, which means the shop has a history of 5-star reviews, shipping on time, and replying quickly to messages.

Current mood Feeling thankful!

Current excitement My nephew’s birthday party is this month and I get to make his cupcakes! They’re doing a baseball theme. Can’t wait to celebrate Lawson! I feel like he was just born 🥺

Current craving Something minty! I keep seeing commercials for shamrock shakes, so naturally I need one or something like it. Maybe I’ll bake these cookies?!

Mint dark chocolate chip cookies

Current cuteness Sadie usually calls for me first thing in the morning, but this morning she was walking around her room and opening and closing drawers. She finally called for me and was so proud to show me that she changed out of her pajamas all by herself! She had her teal-colored shirt on inside out and matched it with pink cat pants, and it was absolutely adorable 😍

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  1. It is good to get back in the grove although would have liked to stay at the beach longer!
    💕 Love you

  2. Congrats on your Star Seller rating on Etsy! That’s awesome!

    And Malcolm! So funny! Maybe he was feeling like you hadn’t noticed how handsome he was lately and wanted to place himself right in your line of vision. 😉

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