Currently: March 2022

It’s month three of 2022 already! Who is ready for the arrival of spring?! I know I am. I’m so happy the days are getting longer and warmer! Here’s what’s current in my life this month.

Sunset in Kill Devil Hills, NC

Current books I just finished this memoir from a famous meteorologist and this true story about a woman leaving the Amish. Now I’m onto this one. I’m also doing a Bible study on the book of Ruth with my sister. Sadie is enjoying her Hot Dots, which combines reading and interactive learning all in one fun activity 🙌  (more…)

Saturday Saturday


Today I have my last swim meet of the season. (Can I get a woot woot?!) Of course I am sad, but it will be nice to have freedom and a life sometimes ;). Next week there are 4 non-mandatory practices, so maybe i’ll hit one or two of them up-maybe not LOL.

1 week from today I will be running my second half marathon!

I decided to sign up for a half marathon in March, why???? I went for an unseasonably warm weather run in February and it felt good. (Kind of.. haha) so I was looking at races that night and signed up! Well I didn’t run outside again until I was in Florida just last week.

So we shall see how this half marathon turns out. I expect it to be HUGE and FULL but that makes it so fun!! (Most of the time)

I have found that I prefer small races vs. huge races.

That is one of the reasons I’m not doing the Pittsburgh Marathon [The other reason is that is is on a Sunday and I don’t miss church on a Sunday unless I am ill]


Other cool news:

I figured out my recipe page! It is about time .. seriously! I shall be posting lots of yummies now 😀

Like this:

Check the recipe pages for my Raspberry Trifle!

Have a great Saturday 😀

Do you prefer big or small road races?

Any suggestions for my recipe pages?!?!