Currently: March 2021

It’s March! Spring offically begins this month! Here’s what’s current in my life at the moment.

Mom and daughter with Starbucks coffee

Current book Working my way through a study on prayer! The lesson I read this morning was about how Jesus asked God to take away the cross, but ultimately yielded Himself to God’s will and it had me in tears. Jesus = amazing.

Current mood Content. God is good ❤️

Current craving Digging in our garden. I can’t wait to plant this year!

Current cuteness Jimmy and Sadie snuggling on the couch together.

Dad and toddler snuggling on couch together

Current blessing Warmer weather. Okay, so maybe it snowed yesterday, but I know spring is just around the corner!

Current laugh Sadie and I talk about my sister’s soon-to-be-born son, Lawson, every day and when Sadie walked into church the other night and saw a friend’s baby she spread her arms out and announced “LAWSON IS BORN!” haha.

Current prayer For Sader Tot’s test results. She has been doing a lot better lately, so her gastroenterologist wants to retest a few things and if those tests turn up normal, we might be able to cancel her scopes!

Current joy Seeing Sadie play with her cousins. My family recently got together to celebrate my dad’s birthday and it was a joy to see “the girls” playing together.

Grandpa with three toddler granddaughters

Current indulgence The Poshmark app. Have you heard of it? I’m sure I’m like five years late to the game, haha. It’s an app where you can buy and sell used and new items in pretty much any category. To me, it’s like thrift shopping (a favorite activity of mine!) on my phone anytime I want 😬

Current excitement My friend at church is doing IVF and has let me be part of the process in little ways like signing paperwork and even giving her a shot and it has been really cool. Praying so, so hard that she and her husband have a successful cycle and healthy pregnancy!

Current baked good I made a batch of gluten free chocolate chip cookies (because we weren’t sure if Sadie had celiac disease) and I didn’t mention to Jimmy that they were GF. He tried one and was like “These are really good!!!” and then yesterday I made a batch of non-GF chocolate chip cookies and Jimmy tried one and was like “They’re good… but not as good as the last ones.” Who would have thought!

Current drink Starbucks blonde roast for me and vanilla milk for Sadie. Love our little back-of-the-car coffee dates so much.

Mom and toddler daughter with Starbucks coffee

Current fun It was warm enough for Sadie to drive her car around the yard over the weekend and she let me drive us around for a bit and it was awesome!

Current obsession Still addicted to this cereal.

Current beauty product My sister has me hooked on all things Mary Kay 😍

Current food I taught Sadie how to make pizza the other night! Fun fact, my first job was working at a pizza shop and I absolutely loved it.

Toddler cutting homemade pizza

A look back:

Tell me something current in your life!



  1. I am currently hoping to re-startup spray tanning business. I know the timing is probably right, as far as the weather/season, but I just don’t know if most people are willing to have a service like this during Covid. Hopefully!!

  2. So glad to hear that Sadie is feeling better! I hope the test results mean that she won’t have to undergo the scope procedures.

    Hear, hear for spring and warmer weather. We had a glorious weekend here and although it has turned cold again this week, it definitely feels like spring is almost here. I keep seeing the birds in my garden flying around with twigs and sticks in their beaks to build their nests.

    Something current in my life… I have some exciting news to share! 🙂 I’ll reply to your email later today — sorry it has taken me so long. February was a short and very busy month!

    1. Me too! I am so relieved that she seems to be coming around health-wise and we are on the right track!

      Woo hoo for warmth and sunshine and seeing BIRDS! Those things all make me so happy, too!

      I loved getting your email! I can’t wait to reply. The picture had me smiling so hard 🙂

  3. I hope Sadie’s tests show more normal numbers so she won’t have to have the scopes! So glad to hear she is feeling a little better.

    Also, her announcement that Lawson was born was hilarious! I bet everyone got a good chuckle out of that.

    And finally, making pizza together! Something near and dear to my heart! Love it!

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