Toddler kissing dad on the cheek

Our Christmas 2020

Another wonderful Christmas is in the books! We spent a few days celebrating the birth of Jesus, spending time with our families, and relaxing. We even managed to film a vlog!

The festivities started on the 23rd when I get a surprise visit from Mavis and her sweet owner! I may or may not have shed a few tears of happiness at the opportunity to give her a hug and pet her soft fur again.

That evening, we had our monthly family night. We built a gingerbread village together and baked cookies for our neighbors.

Gingerbread village

On the 24th, I started the day off bright and early with a warm mug of coffee and my Bible ❤

Bible and coffee

My parents came over in the afternoon to hang out and exchange gifts with us. They gave Sadie a power wheel!

To say she was surprised and overjoyed would be an understatement. It was raining outside, but she didn’t mind one bit. Girl did not want to get off her new “beep beep,” as she calls it. I may or may not have driven it, too 😉

Mom and daughter in Power Wheel

We all relaxed and played the day away! Sadie was soaking up all the attention from my parents and I was able to quickly cut Jimmy’s hair while she was occupied, lol.

Grandpa coloring with granddaughter on the floor

In the evening, we went to the Christmas Eve service at church. I didn’t see much of it (#toddlerlife) but what I did experience of it was beautiful and very special ❤

Afterwards, Jimmy’s siblings and my in-laws came over to have snacks and exchange gifts. We had such a fun time watching Sadie play with her new toys, sharing food, and staying warm inside while it began to snow!

Aunt and niece playing with play doh

Christmas morning found me up early again with my Bible and coffee. We woke up to a couple of inches of snow with more falling throughout the day. Our little family exchanged gifts and hung out for the day.

It was so relaxing to just spend time with each other.

Mom and daughter selfieToddler reading on her bedToddler kissing dad on the cheekMom and toddler coloring on the floorToddler on Radio Flyer scooterDad and daughter with Power WheelSiberian Husky sleeping on couch

Jimmy and Sadie spent some time outside and I prepped a fruit salad to bring to my sister-in-law’s house for dinner. We braved the snowy roads and enjoyed breakfast for dinner with Jimmy’s family.

We spent more time enjoying each others company and playing with Sader Tot.

Fruit saladPlaying with Paw Patrol True Metal truck

We headed home and snuggled before hitting the hay. What a blessed Christmas! We are so thankful to God for the ultimate gift of His Son ❤

Tell me about your Christmas!



  1. I’m glad you had such a lovely Christmas, and how exciting to have snow! 🙂 We got about 5 minutes of snow this week and then it turned to rain…not so Christmassy haha.

    I noticed you have an essential oil diffuser in your vlog. What oils are you enjoying? I have a diffuser in my bedroom but I always forget to use it!

    My Christmas Day was very busy and happy. I spent it at my sister and brother-in-law’s house, and my nieces and nephew were all very excited!

    1. Thank you, Grace! It was so awesome to have a white Christmas for 2020! So sorry you guys didn’t end up getting snow for Christmas. Maybe you’ll have a white January?!

      I am loving diffusing essential oils! My go-to oils lately have been grapefruit, peppermint, …. and today eucalyptus and lemon because Sadie has the sniffles. What do you like to diffuse when you use essential oils?!

      I am so glad you had a happy Christmas that was filled with family time ❤

      1. We got snow today!

        Those oils sound lovely. I really like citrus scents, and eucalyptus is great for this time of the year. I like clary sage, lavender (for relaxation and bedtime) and bergamot. I’m glad you’re enjoying essential oils 🙂

      2. YAY! SO glad you guys got some snow! I hope it was beautiful and that you enjoyed it! Does Aimee like snow?

        I am with you on loving citrus scents! My favorite citrus scent is grapefruit! I have bergamot and lavender in my collection and now I need to add clary sage!! Clearly, I am having way too much fun with getting into essential oils, haha. Do you have a brand you like?

      3. It was pretty for a while and then it rained and turned to slush haha. I think there’s more forecast for tomorrow, though! Aimee loves it when it’s bright and crisp, but she’s not a fan of the slush. I’m constantly having to wash her coats (I put one on her to try and keep her dry)!

        It sounds like you have a lovely collection of oils. 🙂 I like a brand called Neal’s Yard Remedies. They do different blends of essential oils as well as pure oils — I have the Focus, Women’s Balance and Destress blends, which all smell really lovely. I’m not sure if you have that brand in the US?

      4. Ugh, I hate when the gorgeous snow turns into slush! That happens here a lot and it’s a bummer haha. So cute that Aimee enjoys the crisp, white snow. And that she wears coats. I bet she looks absolutely adorable!

        I am having a blast collecting oils as I can and learning all about them. I just went on the Neal’s Yard Remedies website and it was so fantastic! So many different and neat products! I don’t think we have that brand in the US, sadly!

  2. So beautiful! It rained over here for our Christmas as well, but it did make the holiday extra snuggly and cozy. Christmas is such a beautiful time to remember Christ’s birth and to spend time with family. I’m so glad that yours was lovely!! 🙂

  3. How sweet!! The gingerbread village is amazing, breakfast for dinner sounds fun, and it’s so awesome that you had a snowy Christmas!!
    Our day was spent doing the Jewish Christmas traditions of eating Chinese food (pick-up catering from our synagogue) and watching movies (Soul was so good!!).

    1. It was so much fun to get creative with the gingerbread village! Did you guys have any snow on Christmas? The tradition of getting Chinese food sounds fantastic! I keep hearing about Soul. What is it about?!

  4. It was such a blessed Christmas. I loved seeing Sadie’s reaction for her new beep beep. Jimmy- so sorry you had to push her around in the snow 😐 maybe we will invent snow tires for this things!
    Thank you for all of my awesome gifts this year, but mostly for being such an amazing daughter, mom, wife and friend ❤️

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