Our Weekend in Pictures

Hey hey! How was everyone’s weekend? It’s hard to believe there’s only a couple more weekends left in August. We’ve been trying to make the most of these summer weekends, so here’s how ours looked 😊

Friday morning started bright and early with one of Niva’s husky friends coming over for the day! Is Friday *technically* the weekend? Probably not… but I felt like including some pictures from it, sooooo….

Toddler girl standing with husky

While the dogs played and ran around outside, Sadie and I opened up her latest KiwiCo crate. It’s a STEM, science, and STEAM kit for kids and man do we love them! Jimmy’s brother bought a subscription to it for Sadie at Christmastime and it has been such a great gift.

We played for a bit and then I got to work on an order for my Etsy shop that I had to bake, pack up, and ship out that day. It included a few bags of granola, a loaf of challah, and brownies. Our house smelled really good on Friday πŸ˜‚

Challah dough in bowl

My mom came over mid-morning and picked Sadie up so they could spend the day together while I worked! I spent the day rotating between baking and taking care of the dogs.

Two huskies on couch together

Pittsburgh had a bad thunderstorm the night before (during our husky party 🀩) and the power was out at Jimmy’s work all day on Friday, so he was able to come home around 2:00 pm and mow our lawn. He met my parents halfway between our houses to pick Sadie up after dinner.

We put Sader Tot to bed and watched CODA, which stands for Child of Deaf Adults. If you’ve been reading my blog for a few years, you probably know I am passionate about Deaf Culture and have mild hearing loss so I was really excited to see a new film about the deaf and hearing worlds interacting with each other!

Saturday started early; I was helping Jimmy load his truck up to go to our church’s work day around 7:00 while (we thought) Sadie was still in bed. When I came back inside she was hiding under our kitchen table and majorly scared me!

We went to the post office to drop off an Etsy order and then I drove her to my in-laws so she could play and hang out with them for the morning!

In the evening we had my sister’s family and Jimmy’s cousin and his girlfriend over for dinner! We grilled and hung out and it was the perfect way to spend a summer evening ❀️

Young adults playing Spirograph

Sunday morning started with Sadie crying on and off around 4:00 and we quickly realized she was sick. Poor baby has a cold! I stayed home from church with her and tried to keep her comfortable.

She took lots of warm baths, had some of this medicine, watched tv, and snuggled.

Toddler girl in unicorn pajamas

She has been having a tough time sleeping and napping while sick. I think it’s because she can’t breathe well.

She’s just so pitiful when she’s sick! Jimmy laid with her during her nap and it was adorable to see them all cuddled up when I checked her baby monitor.

Dad laying with toddler in small bed

We got some fresh air in the evening (aka tried to get some of Niva’s energy out!) on a walk and then hung out around the house until it was time for Sadie to have a bath and go to bed.

Toddler riding bike next to husky

Once we laid Sader Tot down, Jimmy and I ate some snacks and watched Alone for a bit and called it a night around 9:30 😴

That was our weekend! It was a nice mix of productivity, downtime, and family time. Here’s to a new week and hoping our Sadie girl is feeling better soon ❀️

Tell me about your weekend!



  1. Poor baby girl! She is building her immune system, that’s for sure! Our weekend was pretty busy too- just trying to catch up chores around the house, and keep up with our property management stuff.
    Love you baby doll!

  2. I sure hope Sadie is feeling much better today, and continues feeling better each day! Thinking of you, and love you!πŸ’•

  3. I hope Sadie is feeling better!

    The STEM/STEAM kit sounds amazing! I’ll have to bear that in mind for my nieces and nephews as I’m sure they’d enjoy it. πŸ™‚

    My weekend was pretty good. I went out with friends on Friday evening for Korean food to start the weekend and then Saturday was a cleaning/chores day.

    1. Thank you, Grace! She’s all better (and probably onto the next sickness before I know it, LOL)! I definitely recommend the STEM/STEAM kit for your nieces and nephews! It’s a lot of fun!

      Mmm, Korean food!! What do you like to order?

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