Spring Oreos, A First, and a Dog Necklace

As always, the title of this post is quite random. Just like life over here at the Zottola Zoo!

I added some spring-y chocolate covered Oreos to my Etsy shop and they’re pretty cute if I do say so myself 😙

Spring and Easter themed chocolate covered Oreos

I had a little helper while I melted chocolate, dipped, decorated, and then photographed everything!

She wanted to touch, play with, and eat everything so badly but was very patient and waited until I was finished. Go Sader Tot!

Toddler girl looking at Easter chocolate covered Oreos

I’m happy to report that Sadie is over her cold post-traveling. She missed Wednesday night Bible study this because she wasn’t 100% herself at that point and we didn’t want to spread germs to the other kids.

We made sure to get in a Bible lesson about the Israelites crossing the Red Sea at home! I love pulling out this workbook for interactive Bible lessons to do at home!

Toddler working on a Bible lesson

Sadie had a first this week: her first time visiting a gymnastics gym! I signed her up for a drop-in preschool playtime on a whim (like an hour before it started 😂) today and she had a blast!

Basically, it’s an hour of preschool-aged kids playing on the gymnastics equipment while their parents supervise.

Toddler girl on balance beamToddler on uneven bars at gymnastics

It was the perfect mid-morning activity to keep Sadie girl busy while it’s still a bit cold to play outside for long periods of time. She was definitely tired out and rosy-cheeked afterwards!

We had some dog playtime this week when we had our husky friend Runah over for the day. Sadie thought Runah needed to accessorize, so she put a necklace on her. She looks downright glamorous!

Husky wearing a necklace

Malcolm does well with Runah (and any dog we have at our house). He never hides or backs down from people or dogs, which is so unlike any other cat I’ve ever known.

He also likes to sit on our Keurig coffee maker 🤷‍♀️

Black cat sitting on Keurig coffee maker

In other news, it’s Thursday night. Friday Junior! I love Thursdays just as much as Fridays. It’s almost the weekend, you know? Regardless, I hope you’re having a great day whenever you’re reading this post!

What was your last “first?”

Do you have a favorite day of the week?



    1. It makes me happy to know how much you love cats! Especially black cats 🖤 They’re the best! Thank you for the compliment on my Oreos and too funny about having a similar beginner’s Bible growing up. I did, too!! Must have been a 90s thing?! When we got it for her baby shower I was excited and surprised that it still looked so similar!

  1. Your chocolate covered Oreos are SO springy! I love them! And I love that Sadie wanted to make sure the dog was properly accessorized. So cute!

  2. Those Oreos!!! I need to order some 😍 Also, I bet Sadie LOVED that playtime- so fun! I am cracking up at Malcolm on that Keurig 😂

      1. Oh my gosh the Oreos and brownies are both AMAZING. You should have seen DJ’s face when he walked into them on the counter- he was so stoked lol. He loves Oreos soooo much, and chocolate covered, even better! They are going quickly here 😂

  3. Oh those oreos look amazing! Malcolm’s antics remind me of my sisters cat 😂 her cat loves climbing all over her apartment and getting into silly situations (like locking herself in the closet 😅)

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