Weekend Fun: More Gymnastics, Warm Weather, and Reading

We had a great first weekend of March! We started the weekend on Friday afternoon with my mom. Us girls went to the gymnastics gym for playtime again!

Toddler walking on balance beam

Fun fact: my mom used to be a gymnast and taught gymnastics at the gym I went to as a child. She and I were discussing how weird/good it was to be surrounded my gymnastics equipment. There’s nothing like that world of bars, beam, floor, and vault!

We spent an hour playing with Sadie and left with one tired and happy little chick! Mission accomplished 😉

Toddler resting on gymnastics equipment

I think it hit 70 degrees on Saturday! It was amazing. After Jimmy went to a work day at our church we went on a family walk (Sadie rode her power wheel on the street 😂) with Niva and played in the backyard for a bit.

We spent some time cleaning up the yard and found a big patch of feathers… Niva hunted another bird. We’re pretty sure we know when she did it, too, because one night she didn’t want to come inside for hours and then was sick the next day. We’re thinking she was hunting the bird and then ate it and got sick 🥴

It was warm again on Sunday, so I took Niva on a walk after church! The sun was shining and it was in the 60s. I am beyond excited for spring to arrive soon!

Black and white Siberian husky on a walk

Also on Sunday: we did our weekly tradition of grabbing coffee before church. Sadie enjoyed a vanilla steamer, I had a blonde roast, and Jimmy had a medium roast. I absolutely love little traditions like this ❤️

Toddler drinking Starbucks vanilla steamer in carseat

Aaaaand last but not least, I started a new book this weekend! I’m only a few chapters in, but it has made me laugh out loud and nod my head in agreement quite a few times already. My only complaint is that there’s some swearing.

Being introverted is a weird experience in this world. I feel like a lot of value is placed on extroversion, or at least that society is geared toward extroversion. I’m learning to balance being an introvert and embracing it with challenging myself to go out of my comfort zone now and then 😬

Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come by Jessica Pan book on introversion

And yes, as you can see in the above picture, I do a lot of reading in the car. We have a long drive to church, so I do most of my reading then!

Tell me about your weekend?

When/how do you do most of your reading?

Do you have any weekly traditions?



  1. I like to call myself an extroverted introvert. I love being around people and doing things, but I also for sure need ample time for myself to recharge. Perfect day for an extroverted introvert like me would be getting coffee with friends, going for some outdoor adventure and then grabbing lunch, spending the afternoon napping, and then meeting people again in the evening but with enough time to get back home and curl up in bed and watch TV before going to bed around 10pm 😂

  2. So to be honest, we haven’t had solid, weekly traditions in a long time. And that’s – in part – due to how busy we tend to get. It’s NOT good. I think that traditions are so sweet and so important for kids. One thing that I’m really working on during my mommy strike is to let simple, family traditions happen. I LOVE your Starbucks tradition so much!!
    Don’t you wish that books came with ratings? I’ve read a couple lately that were heavier with swears (and some other parts) that I wasn’t a fan of. I just wish I could pick up a book and be warned what’s going to be in it, then I can make a better choice as to whether or not to read it.
    Anyway, that was a random thought. Ha, ha! That book sounds great. Being on the opposite spectrum and typically saying ‘yes’ too often, I’d be curious to read it and see things from her perspective!
    I generally read at night. Nate gets up super early for work, so he goes to bed early. So I’ll put a book light in my book and read for 30 minutes after he goes to bed. 🙂

  3. That gymnastics outing was so fun!! Sadie is def a beam girl~ she was fearless and kept her balance so well, and put one foot in front of the other 🥰
    I do most of my reading either in the living room, or in bed in the evening (which usually ends in me falling asleep).
    My weekend was full of grand baby babysitting, and enjoying the nice string of warm weather.
    I guess I don’t really have any weekly traditions, except going to spinning class with dad 😂
    Love you!

  4. On introversion… I seem to have found my niche in that regard. Last year I picked up a job three days a week with a legal publisher. On those days I sit at home updating texts on personal injury law, and my only human contact each day is at the coffee shop or the gym.

    This is fantastic. I’m in heaven!

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