Loving Our Normal Days

Yesterday was just a normal winter day for us. It started with early wake ups, coffee, breakfast and Bible time. Niva was lazing on the couch after a playful weekend (we pet sat her bestie Thursday-Sunday!).

Siberian husky laying on couch

We are hosting Bible studies in our home on Friday nights in April and May, so we are working on deep cleaning the house little by little in preparation!

Yesterday’s project was cleaning out our silverware and utensil drawer, going through any unused items to be donated, scrubbing everything, and putting it back in a more organized manner.

Young child washing dishes with baby watching

Sadie washed the utensil holder while I sanitized the drawer and sifted through the tongs, spatulas, spoons, and silverware.

Once we finished our morning project, we were off to Starbucks to do school! We brought along alphabet flashcards to work on letter sounds, a math workbook, Sadie’s Bible story book, and another workbook.

Mom with daughter and son in Starbucks

Blonde roast coffee for mom and apple juice for Sadie! She is beginning to write her letters and wanted to spell the characters from Trolls. She brought her Trolls figures along and played with those for a bit, too.

Mordecai sat on my lap while we did Sadie’s schoolwork and eventually fell asleep.  After catching up with the baristas (yes… we’re at Starbucks waaaaay too often 😉) we headed home.

The first order of business was getting laundry started and eating lunch. Mordecai was napping so us girls enjoyed lunch together. I had leftovers and Sadie sliced up strawberries and enjoyed some mac and cheese.

We had ripe bananas on the counter, so we decided to make banana streusel muffins to bring to Jimmy and his employees at work that afternoon!

Young girl mashing bananas for banana muffins

I want to pass a love a baking on to Sadie, so I try to let her do as much as possible when we bake together. She mashed the bananas, cracked the egg, and did all of the pouring.

It’s not faster, easier, or less messy to bake with a child, but it’s so worth it to me. I love those moments with her and I hope she is learning her way around the kitchen a bit.

Young girl baking with baby watching

Mordecai oversaw the whole process in his little seat. He enjoys watching anything Sadie does. Once the muffins were in the oven, I folded laundry in my bedroom and the kids hung out on the bed.

We pulled the muffins out of the oven, cooled them a bit, and packed them up to visit Jimmy at work! He works with his dad, brother, and sister, and we love visiting and seeing them all.

Girl playing fishing game with grandpa while he holds baby

Hanging out with Pappy!

We spent some time at the shop and everyone enjoyed the muffins. We packed up and told Jimmy we would see him at home in about half an hour. I bathed the kids once we got home and then vacuumed and got dinner started.

The rest of the evening was a blur of cleaning up after dinner, feeding the pets, showers for mom and dad, and then putting the kids to bed! Sadie also used the camera on my phone to take a bunch of random pictures of Niva that cracked me up.

Random shots of a Siberian husky

Jimmy and I were in bed by 9:00pm. I read a bit and then we conked out for the night! It was just a normal winter Monday and I loved every minute of it ❤️

There was more I could have done (real estate work, I’m lookin at you) and I wish we could have went outside (it was rainy all day), but it was a really good day. Not every day looks like this one, but I love when it does. I adore serving my family and living these everyday moments with them!

What’s a normal day like for you in the winter?



  1. I just adore days like this!! Actually, your normal day would be a very productive one for us, Haha! So sweet with letting Sadie take the reigns baking 🥰.

    1. Aren’t those days the best?! You going to work and doing the daycare drop off and walks with Moose and Quinn and cooking is SO productive! I could never dream of walking my dog with a stroller hahah.

      1. Aw you’re so sweet to say that! (Oh before I forget, I finally got the CMPI post up if you have any interest. I know you’re super busy so don’t expect you to view it, but wanted to let you know it’s there in case you do!!).

  2. I actually love that photo of the pup paws on the window, very artsy! This sounds like a great day, productive yet low stress. I admire your patience with baking, I get stressed when things are messy, but at the end of the day that’s how to bake tasty treats!

    1. That was my favorite of the photos, too! Her paws are adorable to me hahah. I like how you put it for our day… productive and low stress. My kind of day!

      I definitely don’t love the messes but I do love the moments baking with her so we keep doing it! And I try to have her help me clean up 😉

  3. “Normal” days are so amazing!! I love all the fun stuff you always do with the kids, and how much Sadie learns from her amazing mama 💕
    I honestly don’t know what a normal day is anymore 🤭🤭

    1. Yes, I agree! I am not a spontaneous/risk taker/out of the box type of person so a normal, cozy and productive day is my favorite!

      Yay for new stationary! I can’t wait to start our letter exchange!

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