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Loving Our Normal Days

Yesterday was just a normal winter day for us. It started with early wake ups, coffee, breakfast and Bible time. Niva was lazing on the couch after a playful weekend (we pet sat her bestie Thursday-Sunday!).

Siberian husky laying on couch (more…)


Spend The Day With Us

It has been such a long time since I wrote a day in the life post. In fact, 2015 was the last time I shared a day in my life. Things have changed so much since then! I was working as a household manager for a busy family and was trying to go full-time with pet sitting. Lola was our only pet, too! Man do I miss her.

These days, I’m busy with real estate work, some pet sitting here and there, taking care of our pets, and caring for our sweet toddler. Life feels totally different. I thought it would be fun to bring you along for our Friday. I filmed a vlog of the day, too!

Our Day | August 21st, 2020

5:30 am I wake up and hear Jimmy feeding Niva and Malcolm. Niva was spayed on Wednesday so we have to give her medication for the next couple of weeks. I grab a mug of coffee and read my Bible at the kitchen table. Jimmy leaves for work at 6:00 and I see him off.

6:30 am Niva and Malcolm are playing and running around the house, which will wake up Sadie so I give Niva a bone to chew on and shut Malcolm in the bathroom. I make breakfast and eat quickly.

7:00 am Sadie is stirring in her crib! She sounds happy so I take a few minutes to make the bed and straighten up the house. I’ve been working on cleaning the grout near our tv stand. I used a mixture of dish soap, vinegar, water, and baking powder and scrubbed it with this and it started to look a little less dingy 😉

How to clean grout in tile

Once I go into Sadie’s room to get her, I nurse her and we read a few books and play. Afterwards, we make oatmeal together and I feed her.

9:00 am It’s a beautiful day so we head into our yard to hang out. I make another coffee and bring my prayer journal with me outside. We head up to the garden and pick some tomatoes and zucchini. I also check on the arugula I recently planted, which is growing well.

Arugula growing in pots

10:00 am Snack time! We nibble on some crackers, fruit, and have a drink. I make a marinade out of honey, mustard, garlic, and spices for chicken I want to grill for dinner. I work on cleaning up the kitchen while Sadie runs around the house. I change out the garbage, wipe down the counters, and vacuum.

11:00 am We go back outside to play a bit more.

Toddler standing at garden fence in overalls

12:00 pm We head inside and go into our basement so I can swap out our laundry. I start a fresh load, put the wet clothes in the dryer and…. Sadie fell. On her head. She had what I would call the definition of a goose egg.

She cried, but not as long or had as I thought she would. Right afterwards, I nursed her and she went down for a nap. I was so afraid she had a concussion. I kept checking on her with our baby monitor to hear if she was breathing, lol.

12:30 pm Once Sadie was down for her nap I made myself lunch and then did real estate work until she woke up.

2:30 pm Sadie woke up, I nursed her, and we read this sweet book. After reading, I folded laundry while Niva and Sadie played on our bed. Once I finished putting everything away I made Sadie a smoothie and we went to Walgreens to pick up a photo order for my mother-in-law’s birthday. I also snagged some $0.69 candy 🙂

3:30 pm Sadie helped me unload the dishwasher and then we went back outside! I worked on some learning activities with her. She did a few pages in a workbook, colored, went over animal flashcards and played with her fine motor hedgehog.

4:30 pm I started grilling the chicken I marinated earlier. Yes, our grill is still see-through, lol. I also cooked up some potatoes and made a salad. Jimmy came home with a work truck filled with concrete for more patio renovations he wanted to work on over the weekend!

Chicken, fried potatoes, and salad

5:30 pm We fed the pets, caught up on our days, and ate dinner outside. Jimmy played with Sadie and her toy trucks after dinner while I cleaned up the kitchen.

7:00 pm Jimmy, Sadie, and I walked to a local park and played for a bit. We usually walk Niva each night, but she’s on bed rest from her surgery. We also walked Sadie from the park to a creek nearby and walked along the water.

Dad and toddler walking by creek

8:00 pm We head home, Jimmy bathed Sadie, and I read her a few books and nursed her to sleep. I had a snack and plopped on the couch with Jimmy and Niva to watch this movie about Creation. I fell asleep about halfway in, but Jimmy watched the whole thing and said it was great!

10:00 pm I brush my teeth and go to bed.

Again, the vlog from that day can be found here in case you’d rather watch than read 😉

What does a typical day look like for you?