Just Some Cuteness for Today

Hi! Just wanted to show up here and share some cute pictures from life lately. Both Sadie and Mordecai have been battling a case of the sniffles, but have been in pretty good spirits.

We’ve been doing the usual: school, housework, cooking, cleaning, and getting out when possible!

Mom holding baby boy and daughter

My hands and heart are so full! I love these two more than words can describe.

Young girl and Siberian husky looking out window together

Sadie and Niva were anxiously awaiting my mom’s arrival at our house!

Mom sitting with baby in carrier at IKEA

Hanging out at Ikea with my little buddy. I realized the last time we were there was two days before Mordecai was born!

Girl playing outside with Trolls characters

We had a day this week where it was warm enough to sit outside and play without jackets on! Definitely helped a bit with the winter blahs.

Dad reading a book to kids

Jimmy is such an awesome dad. And husband. And man. I love him!

Girl sitting by mixer

My baking buddy! We are working on cracking eggs without getting the shells in the egg 😉

Mom and baby boy laying on ground together

My stretching buddy. My hips are so creaky since having him!

Young girl sleeping on ground in blankets

Just Sadie napping on the ground. She has been waking up before 6:00 am every day and then crashes around 2:00 pm. Maybe the upcoming time change will break this habit?!

Grandma with daughter and kids

My mom came over to hang out this week! She and my dad left for Texas the next day. They went to visit all the Fixer Upper/Joanna Gaines sights in Waco. They said it’s awesome there!

Mom with daughter

Can she stop growing?! She’s so sweet. She tells me she loves me so much and my heart could just burst.

Baby boy smiling in bath

This cutie is 1000% worth the creaky hips and multiple feedings a night 💙

Dad and daughter sitting on couch with husky

I think Niva would give a thumbs up if she had thumbs.

Mom and daughter smiling

Sadie wanted to take a selfie so she could see her teeth.

Brother and sister sitting in rocking chair

I hope they always adore each other like they do right now.

I’m going to wrap this post up before it gets too long. It’s Friday night… aka movie night in the Zottola home! We’re always watching kids movies on weekend nights in the winter months. A few recent favorites were Trolls and Shrek. I wonder what we’ll pick tonight!

Do you have any Friday night rituals in the winter?



      1. Aw so fun!! I haven’t seen that actually (but I’m sure that willl change over the next couple years as we dive back into kid movie land!!).

  1. That last photo with those little overalls. 😭 I just want to squeeze him!

    Busy and fun times lately, Duncan and I just went to IKEA last weekend! I love that place, but it was SO crowded.

    1. He is very squeezable! I sometimes call him juicy hahah.

      Ahh, yay for an IKEA trip with Duncan! But boo for the crowds. That’s not my cup of tea, either!! Hope you guys had fun!

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