Intrauterine Growth Restriction: Six Months Later

I’m back with an IUGR update on my sister’s son, Titus! If you’re new here, I’ll quickly explain. My sister’s third baby was diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction in the third trimester and was born weighing four pounds. You can find posts on their journey here: part I, part II, part III, and part IV).

Titus is now six months old(!), so I thought it would be fun to post an update on how he’s doing and how Hannah has gracefully continued to parent and give thanks to God in all circumstances.

Baby boy wearing blue hoodie and smiling at the beach in the Outer Banks

Once again, this post is a question and answer style with me asking and my sister answering. Let’s dive in!

How is Titus doing?

He is doing so well! He’s a healthy little guy and honestly is the easiest of my 3 children in this stage thus far! 

Tell me about how much he’s grown! 

At 6 months old, he is 13lbs 12oz and 25 inches long. So from his lowest of 3lbs 12oz and 17 inches, he has grown a whopping 10lbs and 8 inches in just 6 months! So crazy. 

Guy holding three pound baby in hospital

I feel like this picture of my husband holding him gives you a good idea of how little he was!

Six month old baby boy


Is he smaller than an average six month old?

Yes, he definitely is. But he’s doing so well health-wise that it doesn’t really jump out to me. Lawson (my middle son) was 4lbs heavier at his age, but he was also 3lbs heavier at birth, so he’s growing right along the same curve! My daughter, Caroline was less than 2lbs heavier at 6 months!

Baby boy and girl at six months old

Caroline (left) and Lawson (right) at six months.

Do you worry about him or do you feel more relief now that you’re six months out from the thick of things?

I don’t, not anymore than the concern I have for my other children. I’m glad that he is the way that he is. It’s proof that God works in mysterious ways. There were lots of reasons why he should have had something wrong with him… I mean he wasn’t getting good blood-flow while he was developing every organ and body part… and yet here he is! His smallness is proof that God can work things out beyond our comprehension. 

Baby and toddler laying in crib togetherThree young kids sitting by dad in truck

What is his personality like?

He is just the smiliest, most giggly little boy. But he does let you know when he’s mad. He doesn’t really cry, but he sort of protests in screams. He loves to bounce in his bouncer and scoot across the floor on his back. And boy does he love to eat! 

Have you visited the hospital to say hi to the nurses?

Unfortunately no! I really should though! 

Do you feel like he has any impact from the IUGR?

So far, no! It seems as though he’s meeting all of his milestones at a normal pace. At first I noticed a lag in smiling, giggling… but also he pretty much slept his first month of his life. But now I don’t really see any delays. 

Baby boy

How are you feeling six months out from all of that?

I’m feeling grateful for Titus’ health and especially grateful for the testing of my faith. Controlling things is something I think we all struggle with, but I definitely was not feeling in control with this pregnancy or his hospital stay, and even a few weeks after that! It was a great learning experience and something that God used for my and our family’s good. 

Any other thoughts?

I’m so thankful for everyone person that prayed, even all of you on here! It’s the strangest, most eye-opening blessing to know that people whom you’ve never met from all around the country are praying for you and your little baby. And it brings a very new realization of how broad and big God is. How he sees the big picture and He is there through it all. Trials, temptations, losses, and wins, He sees his followers through!

Totally tearing up as I read back through this Q&A with Hannah! Titus has come so far and he is loved beyond belief. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Hannah!



  1. Of course I’m bawling my eyes out, and thanking God at the same time. He has blessed dad and I with 3 amazing children, and now 7 (soon to be 8) grandchildren.
    Spending time with all of them brings us such joy and we cherish the memories and times we share with you all.
    I still call him Mighty Titus –
    And he has def lives up to that name.
    Love you

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