Pups, A New School Spot, and Recent Reads

We’ve been getting lots of dog time in lately! We pet sat Niva’s best husky buddy over the weekend, hung out with my long-time pet sitting client (Haley!), and met our cousin’s new puppy.

Siberian Husky and Australian shepherd

How cute is Shelby?! She’s an Australian shepherd and the sweetest little pup. Jimmy’s cousin, Cody, and his wife Hannah brought her to our house on Saturday so she could meet Niva (and us!) and then we all went out to eat at a restaurant Jimmy and Cody had done some steel work on.

We had a delicious lunch, got to check out the guys’ work, and enjoyed seeing the dogs interact a bit. Win, win, win.

We had an unseasonably warm day in Pittsburgh last week, so I took the kids to see Haley! We walked her, played, and gave her some treats. Sadie was amazed that she knew “paw” and could shake hands. So sweet.

Girl shaking chocolate lab's pawMom walking chocolate lab with daughter and baby in ergobaby carrier

We found a new spot to do school: a local tea shop! It’s a really pretty shop with tea, coffee, gelato, food, and more. We like to pop in, pull up a seat and get to work.

It’s just minutes from Jimmy’s work, so he has even surprised Sadie a few times while she was working and she thought that was just the best.

Girl writing in write and wipe bookDad doing school with four year old and baby at table in a tea shop

Because I can’t blog without talking about books, here’s what I’ve been reading lately:
–>More Memoirs of a Midwife by Carol Duncombe
–>Bundles of Joy by Linda Fairley
–>Midwife Memories: Tales of Amish and “English” Birth Culture by Renee Popova
–>Becoming Free Indeed by Jinger Vuolo
–> A Midwife in Amish Country by Kim Woodard Osterholzer

More Memoirs of a Midwife book by Carol Duncombe

So, lots of books, and mostly ones about midwifery and the Amish. Classic! I am always adding to my Amish and Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting book pages.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop/chain?

Have you spent time with any dogs lately?

What’s the last book you read?



  1. I think it’s great you do school away from home sometimes, it definitely helps with focus I’m sure! I know for me it does. If I am unmotivated at home, a coffee shop is all I need to get to work.

    No doggies in my life right now, but I am filled with all the love from my cat. He is my favorite in all the land.

    1. YES!! A different setting works wonders! I have to ask… do you go to Starbucks or are you “over it” after working there?! I love local shops… but I also love Starbys so much!

      Your cat is such a boss. And escape artist. And cutie.

      1. I LOVE going to Starbucks. I still only drink Starbucks coffee at home, and I like going there to do computer work. I haven’t gone in a while, but I think I will always love the Starbucks environment.

  2. I’m reading “Freefall” by Kristen Heitzmann. It’s Christian fiction and VERY well-written. It has adventure and a love-story. I’m loving it so far!! 🙂

  3. That tea shop is adorable! I’m glad you’re able to get out once in a while and do schooling out of the house!
    My fave coffee chain is def DD- 💗💗
    I have really only hung out with my own dogs, Niva, Indy, and Roman.
    I am currently reading What you wish for by Katherine Center

  4. Such a cute puppy!! My sister might be adding a new puppy to her little crew 🫢 haha she shared pics of the litter her potential puppy could be coming from and I was squaling with excitement for her haha

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