Behind the Picture

It’s time for a behind the picture post! I haven’t done one of these in quite some time (2020 and 2016 were the last two times). The point of these posts is to show that social media and even blogging only shows a snapshot of someone’s life.

So, I’m here to share the reality behind some pictures and poke fun at myself and my life because as always, I like to keep it real around here!

Pink cake with buttercream flowers

Cakes! This was the original trial of the daisy cake I made recently. I tried to do the flowers in buttercream and it was not happening… so I just spread them out and made a swirly pink cake that we brought to church one Wednesday night. You win some and you lose some, right?

Dad and daughter sitting at desk together

A cute photo of Jimmy and Sadie! He was trying to teach her how to properly hold a pencil and she was actually really frustrated when I took this picture.

Sister holding baby brother's hand on couch

Sadie and Mordecai. I took this picture minutes before Sadie spilled a full glass of orange juice all over her dress and the couch. At least the couch smelled nice from the orange juice?!

Two Siberian huskies sitting side by side

Niva and her bestie, Runah! This was taken before or after one of their many joy runs. They escape our fence together constantly. There is nothing like having someone else’s dog run away under your watch. Thankfully both of the dogs have GPS because #huskylife.

Girl and baby boy at doctor's office

The kids at Mordecai’s two month check up! This was right before we found out he has weakness in his right arm and likely needs physical therapy and has to see a neurologist. He’s totally happy and healthy, but it was unexpected, you know?

Baby boy and four year old girl sitting under blanket on couch

The two best buds… at 5:30 am because my children do not like to sleep in!

Coffee and cream on wooden table

A pretty coffee picture! This was my second cup (in one sitting 🙈) at a local shop and it tasted… meh. The first cup was fantastic, though haha.

There you have it! Those are some of my real moments behind recent pictures. Hopefully you could get a smile, laugh, or some encouragement out of this post!

How do you feel when you see other people’s “highlight reel” on social media?

What would your behind the picture moments look like?



  1. You inspire me with your positive attitude and looking on the bright side, like shifting your perspective in the orange juice / couch situation.

    Also, the ceramics in the coffee photo are so nice! I like handmade pottery / ceramics.

    Hope you’re having a good week.

    1. Aww, thank you so much! That made my day! I try to look on the bright side, even if it means being happy that our couch smells like orange juice 😂

      I am a big pottery/ceramics fan, too! I loved that touch in the tea shop. So nice! One day I hope to go to a pottery school and try my hand at it!

      Hope your weekend is going well!

  2. My photos would be one of a super clean house… and then a snapshot of ALL the laundry and toys stashed behind me. Ha, ha! I’ve been cleaning today, but – really – it feels as though I’ve mostly been moving things around. 😉
    Loved this post, Allie. So true and so fun. Social media rarely shows us the whole story. Ha ha.

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