Daisy Birthday Cake

I mentioned that I got to bake a birthday cake for a three-year-old’s party last weekend and I’m happy to report that it went well!

Boho daisy birthday cake with pastel fondant flowers

The birthday theme was “Young, Wild, and Three” and had a hippie vibe. My friend asked for a white almond daisy cake with pastel daisies all over it. There ended up being over 60 guests, so I made a 9-inch layer cake and a small sheet cake.

Step one was to bake and assemble the cake layers. I used a classic white cake recipe and added almond extract. I leveled each layer and put vanilla buttercream between them.

White almond cake layers

Once the cake was assembled, I crumb coated it in more vanilla buttercream. One more layer of frosting and then it was time for the fondant!

I rolled out this pastel fondant and used these daisy plungers to cut out different sizes of flowers. I placed the flowers all over the cake and then did the same for the sheet cake.

White almond daisy cakePastel daisy flower sheet cake

I boxed everything up and brought it all to the party! My friend added a little topper and it was good to go for the birthday girl and guests 😊

Boho flower party cake display

What is your favorite flavor of cake?



  1. You’re so talented it’s CRAZYYY! After reading this post, I started clicking on your past posts of cakes and cupcakes you have made and you have sooooo many under your belt now!! They’re all so perfect and were made with so much care and love!!
    You’re an amazing baker and mama
    Love you. ‘Madre

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