A Cow Cake, Dog Bath, and Latest Obsessions

As always, I have a random title for a blog post and it accurately sums up my life lately. First of all, thank you for all of the congrats on our big news! We are so excited and thankful ❤️

Okay, let’s talk about a cow cake! My friend from church asked me to make a western/cow-themed cake for her son’s third birthday party and here’s how it came out.

Western Themed Cow Cake for Birthday PartyBaker with Western themed cow cake for birthday party (more…)

Cake Details

I promised details about Jimmy’s welding cake…

So, Jimmy loves his job. He’s a welder. Last year I made him a hamburger cake and this year I decided to go with a cake of his welding machine. A week before his birthday I asked him all about his welding machine and he kept giving me strange looks, but he realized a long time ago that I’m weird. I asked him for a picture and he sent it to me and I worked off of that.I made his cake four layers:

Layer 1: Chocolate cake
Layer 2: Chocolate cake
Layer 3: Rice crispies
Layer 4: Chocolate cake

I frosted in between the layers with chocolate frosting and then did a vanilla frosting crumb coat on the outside of the whole cake.After putting on the crumb coat I started working with the fondant. I bought a 5 pound box of white fondant and it took me about 2 hours to dye it the exact shade of blue that I wanted. I rolled and dyed and rolled and dyed until I got that bright blue!Putting the fondant on the cake was the toughest part. It kept falling apart because I had SO much cake to cover. Many disaster spots appeared…I just patched everything up as best I could because I was getting tired and Jimmy was coming over to my house in a few hours. I still had to frost the front of the cake to make the welding knobs.

I dyed vanilla frosting black and frosted the cake and then stuck Oreo’s on and piped white frosting to look like markers of whatever welding machines use them for… (pressure? speed? I don’t know?!).Then, I created the logo. I piped white frosting in a circle and cut blue fondant to make the “slash” marks for the Miller logo. Lastly, I piped “Miller” with white frosting.

Was the cake perfect? Absolutely not!
Did Jimmy like it? YES!
Was it fun? YES!!

It was such a labor of love to spend about a day and a half making a cake for someone that I love so much.

I had to let go of my “perfectionist” tendencies and realize that I know nothing about cake decorating and that Jimmy would enjoy it even if it was a total failure.

Other notes: I was exhausted after making the cake! I was honestly more tired after making this than I was after my last half marathon. I don’t know if it was from standing on my feet all day or from concentrating so hard. I really appreciate what pastry chefs do on a day-to-day basis! What a high-stress job. Also, my hands still have dye on them!


I think that’s all the details I can remember. Let me know if you have any questions!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day 🙂