Unexpected and This is Your Sign

Pet sitting and dog walking was my full time job just five years ago, but it feels like a lifetime ago. I used to spend hours a day popping in and out of my car and different houses to spend time with pups. I loved every minute of it.

Girl looking at chocolate lab

Spending time with Haley circa 2015

I had regular clients and one of them was a sweet chocolate lab named Haley. She was my favorite! I just loved that dog. I went to her vet appointments, ran a 5k with her, and brought her to our home just for fun from time to time.

After having Sadie, I got to see her a few times because I was close with her owner and he was cool with us just popping in to see Haley because we wanted to. We fell out of touch over the past few years and I honestly assumed she passed away.

Imagine my surprise when Haley’s owner texted me this week and asked if I could help with Haley! While the circumstances weren’t good for her owner (medical emergency), I was so happy to hear from him and see my favorite chocolate lab again.

Girl with chocolate lab, daughter, and baby in carrier

I won’t lie, I totally cried when I saw Haley. I didn’t think I would ever see her again and there she was! Nothing shows you the passing of time like dogs and kids, you know? Haley will be 11-years-old this year and she’s still getting around well.

She has now seen me through the end of college, years of pet sitting, having a baby, and now met my second baby. She’s a special girl.

Mom and daughter walking chocolate lab

I’m pretty sure Sadie inherited my love of Haley. She came with me to see her during each visit this week, hand fed her, gave her treats, held her leash, and even cried when we had to leave her.

It felt really great to be reunited with Haley, do some pet sitting (it felt like visiting a past life?!), and get back in touch with and help out a friend. We plan on visiting Haley more often now that we’ve been reunited.

So this is your sign: if there’s someone in your life that you’ve been thinking of… get in touch. I think it will bring you both joy 😊


  1. TOTALLY BAWLING RIGHT NOW. I’m so happy you were able to help, and that Haley is doing well!! I will certainly pray for her owner, and I would also love to see her when I come over this week.
    Love you-
    Still crying 😭

  2. What a special reminder. I had two doggo’s that I hung with regularly back in 2015 maybe, and both ended up passing away. I didn’t think I would be as affected as I was, but it was very sad.

    1. I feel like I remember you doing some extended pet sitting gigs and becoming close with the dogs. It really hits hard when animals pass because they’re so innocent and sweet and dependent.

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