Veterans Day + The Return to Pet Sitting

Before I dive into this post, I want to say happy Veterans Day and a huge thank you to all of those who have served and are currently serving our country!

You can find a few of my past posts on Veterans Day (including interviews with two special Navy Veterans–my parents!) here and here.

Thanks for your service mom and dad!

Guys, I pet sat last week! I can’t even explain how great it felt to get back to work.

I took a little maternity leave from pet sitting just before Sadie was born and pretty much spent the six weeks after her birth telling Jimmy how much I missed my clients and their pets.

I was able to take one of my longtime client’s pups out for a walk with Sadie in her carrier and it went well! It was a full-circle moment because last time I pet sat with Sadie she was inside of me.

It felt good to get back to something that was second nature for me, if that makes sense. Having a newborn kind of feels like learning a new language in a different country, whereas I know exactly what I’m doing when I’m pet sitting and it has been a passion of mine for a while.

I felt normal and that was lovely! I even managed to film a vlog that day 🙂

Now that I’m back in the swing of pet sitting, I’m also adding back in my usual real estate work for my family’s business.

I definitely foresee some busy days and interesting vlogs and blog posts in the future! I know it’s going to be fun to look back on this transitional time and that’s the cool thing about blog posts and filming vlogs–they’re like a time capsule.

Okay, I’ll end this post here before I get all nostalgic on you 😉

Have you ever took an extended break from something you enjoy?

Do you have any Veterans in your life?



  1. I’m so glad you’re going back to Pet Sitting (especially Hayley!!!) … and as far as real estate work – WE NEED YOU!!!!!!! Just adding in little bits of work per day will help you get back into the groove. Just don’t overdue it, or don’t get overwhelmed! Sadie comes first – always!
    Love you beautiful Mama.

  2. Boring?! Not a chance! Look at that sweet little girl! Oh my gracious, I just want to snuggle her close and breathe in that sweet new baby scent.

    You can 100% wear Christmas jammies in November! 🙂

    OH MY STARS! Her smile! I love her so much! ❤

    I'm so glad that pet sitting went so well! It's so good to do things that make you feel like yourself again. 🙂

    1. Awww, thanks! I already love rewatching that vlog haha! It seems like Sadie changes every single day!

      I knew you’d agree about the jammies! My Christmas-loving friend!

      YES to doing things that make me feel like myself again! It was a game changer!

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