All Sorts of Exciting Things

Hey hey! I have all sorts of excitement to share today. Some things big, some small. All blessings!

First of all, my dad was ordained as an elder in our church on Sunday. Serving as an elder isn’t an easy job, but I know he’s going to do great. I really look up to my dad for so many reasons, but most of all for his faith in God. It amazes me that he he runs two successful businesses, studies God’s Word each day, serves in our church, and still takes time to do things like read and comment on my blog. He’s an awesome guy and I feel very blessed to call him my dad.

Another big exciting thing: my cousin is now a police officer! He graduated from the police academy in Upstate New York on Saturday and my parents, bother, and sister-in-law made a quick trip to see him.

Police academy graduation

Okay, let’s talk about the weather. Last week in Pittsburgh, it was cold. We often woke up to temperatures in the negatives and high temperatures were in the teens and twenties if it was a “warm” day. Yesterday, it was in the 30s and snowy and I was so happy! After the bitter cold of last week, 30 degrees has never felt so balmy! How’s the weather where you are?

Moving on to pet sitting, I finally created a business name and website! For years, I was just Allie Zottola… the pet sitting girl that people knew and would recommend. Now, I am the owner and operator of Muddy Paws Pet Sitting and I couldn’t be more excited! I didn’t think I’d ever have enough regular clients to warrant my own business, but God has been very good to me. Maybe I’ll talk about this more in another post?!

Girl walking cocker spaniel puppy

Speaking of businesses, my sister opened an Etsy shop! As if she wasn’t busy enough with nursing school and the million other things she does. I don’t know how she does it all. She’s currently selling hand lettered canvases. Go Hannie!

Other exciting things:

  • Jimmy and I should be getting a SunBasket (meal kit) delivery today! Can’t wait to try it out.
  • Our basement now has “smart” light switches. Jimmy wired recessed lighting into our basement and added some high-tech light switches that we can control from our phones. I just need to figure out how to do that 😉
  • Jimmy has his second violin lesson tonight. I don’t think I mentioned it, but I gave him a violin + lessons for Christmas. So far, it has been introductory stuff, but he’s excited to start playing!
  • Our little therapy dog in training has been to the Dollar Tree (twice!), TJ Maxx, and the bank and did great interacting with people!
  • I just got a new dog and cat cookbook in the mail yesterday and I can’t wait to start reading it. Does that make me a total dork?

Dinner Pawsible pet cookbook

Okay, I think that’s all the excitement I have to share! Well, one last thing, but it’s a question. My cousin’s daughter is turning one soon and I’m not sure what to get her for her birthday. Any suggestions?

What exciting things have been happening in your life lately?



  1. Yes, so much exciting news for one post for sure!! All great news though. I’m so proud of you and your business, I know you’ll be extremely successful because you LOVE what you do. I am at a loss as to what to get Eden~ I’m thinking some sort of toy that has magnets, as Macie loves the puzzle/magnetic toy I bought her for Christmas (there’s an idea for you too!)
    I’m looking forward to hanging out together some day this week~ prob Friday 💕 aka Spray tan day .
    Love you!

    1. Yes, all great news! Thanks for the compliment on my business! I do loove pet sitting! Love your ideas for Eden’s gift! Maybe we can look together on Friday! Love you! ❤

  2. This is all great news! Congrats to your dad and your cousin. And to you and your sister – entrepreneurs!

    I’m trying to remember what Ava was into at 12 months… This puzzle is great (I saw your mom’s comment about magnets/puzzle and it reminded me of this one).
    But it kind of has smaller pieces and I don’t know how your cousin is about putting things in her mouth… I think Ava got this one when she was about 18 months and she LOVES it. An idea for later if it doesn’t work now.
    I just looked at my 12 month blog post for Ava and her FAVORITE thing at the time was a wiffle ball. Like this: They’re great because little fingers can fit in the holes and grip them really well. We also gave Ava this set of textured balls at one point and they were a hit:
    Oh and in my searching Amazon for the above links I was reminded of these blocks which we LOVE:

    Sorry for the long post! Owen is sleeping his longest stretch ever (8.5 hours and still going!) and you’d think I’d be thrilled but instead I’ve been up for three hours because I can’t fall back to sleep. It’s gonna be a long day…

    1. I totally remember Ava loving that wiffle ball!! That you so, so much for all of these recommendations! I can’t wait to shop now! I feel much more equipped haha!! Yay for Owen sleeping 8.5 hours!!! I hope you made it through that day without feeling too tired!

  3. So m any exciting things! Congratulations to your cousin! And what an honor for your dad. I don’t know him personally, but just from hearing you talk about him over the years, he sounds like such a good man. I’m sure he will be a blessing to the church there. And your Muddy Paws website is adorable. Congrats on that, girl!

  4. Congrats to your dad and cousin! It sounds like you and your whole family are pretty busy right now. I like your new business name and think that’s a great idea, and love that you got the dog and cat treat cookbook. If you and the pets like those recipes, maybe you could incorporate it with the pet sitting business somehow too?

    1. Thanks, Amy! Yes, all sorts of busy!! Thanks for the compliment on my business name! I’m excited about it! That is such a good idea with the recipes and clients! I didn’t think of that!! Thanks 🙂

  5. Literally so many exciting things here! Also congrats on the official pet sitting site! If I had a cat or dog and lived in Pittsburgh, I’d totally go to you 🙂

  6. SOOO many exciting things!!!!! Congrats to your Dad & Cousin! How awesome. And yay for warm weather and bigger YAY for your new business name. Girl, that’s amazing. 🙂

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