Room to Breathe

Whew, life has been full for Jimmy and I lately. Between training Mavis, tackling house projects, taking on some extra responsibilities at church, working, and Jimmy taking violin lessons, we have both found our selves completely worn out.

brown and white parti colored cocker spaniel puppy sleeping on couch

I pretty much look like this at the end of every day lately!

We talked about how we’ve been feeling busy, so busy we don’t have breathing room in our days and weeks. When we have an obligation every single night for weeks straight, something has to give, you know? We’re both introverts and just don’t thrive off of constant socializing.

We realized we needed to make some adjustments, decide what is truly important, and which obligations we aren’t willing to give up. So, here’s where we’re at now.

  • Jimmy isn’t going to take violin lessons anymore. This was expensive and took a decent chunk of time each week. He put a lot of pressure on himself to be ready for each lesson. Now he can practice at his leisure and truly enjoy it.
  • Mavis is done with training! She passed Adult Level II, which was the highest level class we could do at the pet store we went to. We are so burnt out on training and have been going to classes once a week since August. We are all ready for a break and the opportunity to train on our own time at home.
  • We won’t give up the new church responsibilities, because our focus in life is Christ and living for Him. Serving God means serving our local church (among many other things!), and we wouldn’t want to give that up in a million years.
  • We are trying to cut back on any extra obligations that pop up. We are both pretty bad at saying no to people, but we’re working on it 😉

This week is our first week without violin lessons or Mavis’ training and we feel like we have room to breathe. That is a wonderful feeling!

Have you ever found yourself overly busy for an extended period of time?

Scream laughing, Panera, and violin practice

Hi and happy Friday! I feel like it has been a while since I did a random life post, so that’s what today’s post is all about.

First, I have to ask a question. Have you ever scream laughed? Like when you get to a point that you’re laughing so hard that you’re basically yelling? Have you ever done it in public? I just did last night because Jimmy was putting hats on Mavis in Petco an I just couldn’t. stop. laughing.

Cocker spaniel puppy wearing pink sun hat and sunglasses

She looks like she’s ready to go on a vacation!

On the topic of Mavis, she’s doing great! She is halfway through her adult level II training and can take her Canine Good Citizen test in a few weeks. Eek! I hope she passes. The only issue we’ve been having with her lately is occasional food guarding. She snapped at me the other day when I tried to take a bone away so we really need to keep working on the “leave it” command with her.

Just thought I’d keep it real here. Mavis definitely isn’t perfect, but she’s also a puppy and still learning what is/isn’t okay. Alright, one last picture of Mavis (and her golden retriever friend!) for this post. These two are the cutest and get along so well. Makes my heart happy 🙂

Golden retriever puppy and cocker spaniel puppy hugging with tongues out

Onto other things! I ordered Panera Bread home delivery the other day and it hit the spot. I was really impressed with how easy it was to order from my phone and how fast the food came. Plus the delivery fee was only $3.00. This could be a dangerous new addiction. What’s your go-to order at Panera?

Panera Bread Fuji Apple Chicken Salad and Bacon Turkey Bravo with chips for home delivery

I have a little Jimmy violin update. He has been in lessons since early January and can now play Mary Had a Little Lamb! He told me it is tough to learn an instrument from scratch in his late 20s, but he’s glad he’s doing it.

He said one of the toughest parts is just finding time to practice. We’re hoping he can learn some hymns and be able to play at our church sometime!

Guy practicing violin in kitchenGuy playing violin with dog

I think that’s everything I wanted to blog about for now! I hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m excited for Valentine’s Day next week! Does anyone have any fun plans? I want to hear all about it 🙂