Fairy Hair, The Girls, and Hitting the Mark

I’ve had a drone stuck in my hair before, but I’ve never had a fairy stuck in my hair… until yesterday.

Fairy sticker in girls hair

Jimmy, Sadie, and I were driving home from the hospital for my hematologist appointment and I felt something weird in my hair. Turns out Sadie wanted to give me a fairy sticker from her reusable sticker set.

Fairy hair aside, the hematologist appointment went well. I’m going to have five IV iron infusions over the next few weeks. After the appointment, Jimmy went back to work and Niva had a husky friend over.

Little girl with two Siberian huskies

Since Runah, Niva, and Sadie are all girls, I’m always referring to the trio as “the girls.” Two of the three girls caught and killed a bird in the yard. I think you can guess which two 😉

I also worked on an Etsy brownie order, and then practiced archery with my new bow and arrows! We set up a cardboard box in the yard and I finally hit it! Poor Jimmy thought something was wrong when I called him. Nope, I just called to (very excitedly) tell him I hit the target 😂

The Christian life is a lot like archery. We need to practice in order to hit the target. Sometimes we don’t hit the mark, but we can’t give up. We just have to collect our arrows and keep trying. Philippians 3:13-14 reminds me of that!

Our God is a God of love and forgiveness and he doesn’t expect perfection. What a relief! He just wants us to try our best to hit the target. Sorry for the deep/random archery thoughts, but I have bows and arrows on my brain lately 😊

Do you enjoy metaphors?

What are your favorite hobbies?


Pregnancy Diary February 27th: Finding Out and Initial Thoughts

I typed up a few “diary entries” here on the blog once I found out we were expecting. I thought it would be neat to look back on how I felt in that moment. So, here’s the first in the series!

February 27th, 2022

So, I took a pregnancy test yesterday (February 26th) and it was positive! I’m definitely in shock! Jimmy and I have been trying for another child since August 2020. We were kind of getting to the point of wondering if it would ever happen, especially since it didn’t take as long to conceive Sadie.

I actually took the test at like 4:30 am in the Outer Banks before catching a flight home. I had picked up a Dollar Tree pregnancy test the day before on a whim. I definitely did not expect to see a super faint second line. I looked in the bathroom mirror and smiled so hard and prayed a huge thank you prayer to God.

Pregnancy test with faint line

I am feeling so many emotions! Gratitude, relief, joy, excitement, and nervousness. The nervousness is because we know what is ahead (babies are hard work!). At the same time, I’m glad we know what is ahead because we know the joy that is coming if God chooses to carry us through this pregnancy and give us a healthy baby. (more…)