Coffee, Watercoloring, and Dogs

What do coffee, watercoloring, and dogs have in common? Not much… except for the fact that my weekend included all three 🙂

Dunkin Donuts coffee and cat watercolor

Jimmy left for Josh’s bachelor party on Friday morning (they went skydiving!!), and I worked all day, then watercolored at night. It had been a few months since I last pulled out my paint brushes, so it felt really good to watercolor again.

On Saturday, I picked up Haley (a dog I pet sit a lot) and met my family at the Adoption Connection PA Forever Family 5k. I hadn’t gone to a race in years, but a few months ago my parents gave me the pamphlet for the Forever Family 5k because they know I’m super passionate about adoption.

I couldn’t resist supporting an amazing organization, so my parents, sister, and I signed up for the race!

Adoption Connection PA Forever Family 5k race with dogs

My mom and dad ran (with their dog, Reggie!), and Hannah and I walked with Haley and Brandy! It was a lovely race, and there was coffee provided afterwards, which was great 🙂

Afterwards, my family came to my house for lunch and we had fun rounding up all the dogs for a picture.

Cocker Spaniel, Black Lab Pit Bull Mix, Yellow Lab, and Chocolate Lab

Hannah and I picked up supplies to make her wedding guest book, she helped me pet sit a cat, and we went to Dunkin Donuts afterwards!

Jimmy came home in the evening (yay!), we went to church on Sunday, and I pet sat. Now it’s a new week and it’s time for me to get started on work!

How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend to me! Watercoloring is great, fun and stress relieving. How awesome is that race involving all the pups 🙂

    1. It was a great mix of things!! And yes to watercolor! Using my hands to do things is such a stress reliever. The race was a blast, and the fact that we could bring dogs made it that much better!!

  2. Love your heart for adoption! What a fun 5k to be part of!

    And look at you with your pretty watercolor!! Love it!

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